Things NOT To Do: At A Theme Park

Theme parks can be a fun family experience, however there are things that you can do at a theme park that could ruin the experience. Here are some examples:

  1. Scream “We’re all gonna die” during the ride.
  2. Talk about the last time you got stuck upside down on this ride loud enough that the 9 year old in front of (it’s there first time) can hear your long detailed description of the horror.
  3. Be interested in a game then 5 minutes later tell the carny you don’t have any money (Well actually, sometimes the carny deserves it but…………………………)
  4. Ask the food vendor how their product can be the “ice cream of the future” when it’s being served in the present.
  5. Yell out smile every time you walk past somebody who is taking a picture.
  6. Begin to cry when you’re on the merry go round so they have to stop it and then say you are too frightened to ride any longer.
  7. Ask the food vendors for their autograph.
  8. Advertise the theme park…the theme park you’re not at.
  9. Tell the guy in the seat next to you on the ride your life story.
  10. If they have a parade, randomly run into it and march with them like you’re part of it.
  11. If somebody tells you you can’t go on the ride turn to your buddy and say “I’m so sorry, but they said you couldn’t go on the ride.

Don’t do these things and I’m sure you’ll have a great vacation the whole family can enjoy. Do these things and well, tell your family I’m sorry.


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