Site Rules

  1. No cyberbullying!
  2. No spam!
  3. What happens on this website stays on this website, so in other words: Keep everything on here to yourself and PLEASE REFER!
  4. Unless given permission, talking about math will give you an automatic ban. 
  5. People who do not subscribe (or as it is known on here “Join the time wasting community”) will get crackers thrown at them while there sleeping.
  6. No profanity in comments.
  7. No profanity PERIOD!
  8. No obscene comments.
  9. Do not put links in your comments that may lead to personal gain or to inappropriate websites/photos.
  10. Do not mess with my hair.
  11. Do not be offended by any posts unless I say something mean or terribly nasty such as “I’M GONNA KILL YOU” or “YOU’RE SO STUPID!” or something like that.Then I would highly suggest reporting me. But if it’s just something like me saying something that insults a celebrity/tv show/movie, don’t report me because that’s just my opinion. Granted, “YOU’RE SO STUPID!” is an opinion too, but that’s a bit different .
  12. Enjoy yourself
  13. Please do not ask me to pull your finger.

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