I <3 Saturdays: Bored This Way

Well, despite Saturdays being my favorite days, I am very VERY bored as the title implies.  But enough of boring you with my boredom. Let’s just get on with this.



Five or six? I remember when I made the same mistake that little.


dee dee


2 hr delay


True story




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Monday Madness: Love Is In The Air…Or Is That Poison?

THURSDAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY AM I EXCITED?????????? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, yes Thursday is Valentine’s Day and…that’s it really. Really nothing more to say. Although I do have a question. Why is this holiday’s icon Cupid? Yes, because when I think of love, I think of a baby that shoots you in the butt! I mean, seriously?! And that whole thing about Valentine’s Day being started in Rome is a whole bunch of bologna! That’s  just what Hallmark says so nobody knows that THEY were the ones who came up with it. They just needed another excuse to make greeting cards and so they thought of a stupid name for a holiday, gave it a fake historical background and there ya go!  That’s why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. On a completely unrelated note, last night was the Grammy Awards. CBS, to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, told the celebrities to wear appropriate clothes. And told Lady Gaga the awards show was next Sunday. Well, as I’ve mentioned 2 other times, Thursday’s Valentine’s Day. So in honor of St. Valentine we’re going to play a game of The Meme Dating Game. Where we’ll showcase three memes and you get to choose which one will be your date. Choose carefully!

He’s a frisky fun fellow, but he always has a tear running down his cheek! Maybe if you choose him, it will become a tear of joy! Please welcome the Forever Alone Guy!



Want a girl who’s not clung tight to you and knows when to keep her distance! Well then don’t pick this choice! But she’s a nice girl. Everybody say hello to the Overly Attached Girlfriend…OR ELSE SHE’LL KILL YOU!



Finally we have the most adventurous man you’ll ever meet! Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted



Who do you choose? Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Time Wasting Bowl: IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Sorry for the long wait for this! (If anyone was even waiting?!) But here it is!!!

Welcome to The Time Wasting Bowl! Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for! The Lolcats VS Graphjam! Who will win?! Let’s find out!



Score for the Lolcats!



Graphjam scores!

WOW! The first half is already over!

At the Super Bowl, they had Beyonce at halftime. Here, we have Beyonce’s #1 fan, Kanye West!

Kanye Interrupts


That was amazing! It was so amazing! So amazing!

Now back to…..oh well it looks like the power has gone out! It will be 15 minutes.


Well the power has gone out folks. It’ll be 15 minutes.


The power is out! The clock is stopped! I am aging! I swear I have a beard now! I’m thinking of just which person I’ll eat first!




This paint has dried! SERIOUSLY!


Good night! See you in the morning!



Twilight Chart


Graphjam has taken the lead!



TOUCHDOWN FOR HATING MATH! THE LOLCATS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


download (1)


That’s all! See ya next year.

Time Wasting Bowl Part 4: And Now………………

“Hello and welcome back to our play by play coverage of The First Annual Time Wasting Bowl! Things are getting quite intense here! My friend and cousin, Elizabeth, has a very comedic mind. So I thought I’d share with you some of her jokes! Is that cool with you? Good, I hoped so!”

If, according to One Direction, what makes me beautiful is that I don’t know I’m beautiful, then once they tell me I’m beautiful, does that mean I’m no longer beautiful?

Justin Bieber…hosting…SNL? Are we sure the world didn’t end in 2012?

Kristen Stewart is going to be starring in a comedy movie. The movie must have to go over budget to hire an acting coach to teach her to smile.

Furbies now come with the feature of either “good” eyes or “evil” eyes. If you mistreat your Furby it gets “evil” eyes. If you treat it well it will get “good” eyes. Honestly, it does not make me comfortable that the Furby reboot is even more “alive” than the original.

Some parent named their child “Hashtag” in honor of Twitter.


The new Furby motto is: “A mind of their own.”
I knew it.

What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An Investigator!


“Stay tuned for more live play by play coverage of the Time Wasting Bowl!”

Time Wasting Bowl 2013 Part 3

What does a 49er’s fan do after his team wins the Super Bowl? He turns off his PS3.

“Welcome back to play by play commentary on the 2013 Time Wasting Bowl. The fans are going wild. Another page update has arrived. Our newest page There’s An App For That has already been updated! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

On the Friday before the Super Bowl, a first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Ravens fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Ravens fans. Wanting to impress their teacher, everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise, ‘Janie, why didn’t you raise your hand?’ Because I’m not a Ravens fan,’ she replied. The teacher, still shocked, asked, ‘Well, if you are not a Ravens fan, then who are you a fan of?’ ‘I am a 49er’s fan, and proud of it,’ Janie replied. The teacher could not believe her ears. ‘Janie please tell us why you are a 49er’s fan?’ Because my mom is a 49er’s fan, and my dad is 49’ers  fan, so I’m a 49er’s fan too!” Well,’ said the teacher in a obviously annoyed tone, ‘that is no reason for you to be a 49er’s fan. You don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mom was crazy and your dad was a moron, what would you be then?’ Then,’ Janie smiled, ‘I’d be a Ravens fan.’
“Stay tune for more live, play by play coverage of the 2013 Time Wasting Bowl.”

Time Wasting Bowl 2013 Part 2

Back at Super Bowl 45, Christina Aguilera messed up the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner,” before Super Bowl 45,  replacing “o’er the ramparts we watched” with “what so proudly we watched.” This year she asked for another chance to sing the “The National Star Spangled Anthem”.

“Welcome back everyone. I am Purple Huskyman, giving you play by commentary on the first annual Time Wasting Bowl. And boy the action is heating up here! The first page update has came. Steve finally has chirped again! Click HERE for the page update to What’s Steve Chirping About?

49ers vs Ravens should be a pretty decent opening act for the Beyoncé concert.

“Well we’re gonna take a break, but we’ll be right back with more coverage of The First Annual Time Wasting Bowl!

Time Wasting Bowl 2013 Part 1

San Francisco had just finished their daily practice session when a large turkey came strutting onto the field.  While the players gazed in amazement, the turkey walked up to the head coach and demanded to be given a chance to play at tight end.

Everyone stared in silence as the turkey caught pass after pass and ran right through the defensive line. When the turkey returned to the sidelines, the coach shouted, ‘You’re superb. Sign up for the season, and I’ll see to it that you get a huge bonus.’

‘Forget the bonus,’ replied the turkey, ‘What I want to know is, does your season go past Thanksgiving Day?’


“Well ladies and gentlemennnnnnnn, welcommmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to the 2013 Time Wasting Bowllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your play by play commentator, Purple Huskyman. Now to kick-off this event, a blonde joke anyone?

A football coach walked into the changing room before a game.  He looked over to his new signing and said, ‘I’m not supposed to let you play since you failed arithmetic, but we need you to be in the team. So, what I have to do is ask you a math question, and if you get it right then you will be allowed to play.’

The player agreed, so coach looked into his eyes intently and asked, ‘Okay, now concentrate hard and tell me the answer to this. What is two plus two?’

The player thought for a moment and then answered, ‘4?’

‘Did you say 4?’ the coach exclaimed, excited that he had got it correct.

Suddenly another player on the team, a blonde, began shouting…, ‘Come on coach, give him another chance!’

“How ’bout that! I don’t know any better way to start this off than to insult the blondes of America! Well we’re gonna take a break but stay tuned for page updates, more exciting play by play commentary, and of course a whole lotta jokes!”



Some News

Well, something has came up and The Time Wasting Bowl’s main event: Team Lolcats VS Team Graphjam has been postponed until Sunday or Monday. I will still continue the jokes, posts, and page updates today and tomorrow though! NEVER FEAR! THOSE ARE STILL HERE!