95% of people waste their time on the internet more than 2 hours a day (Conducted By The University Of False Studies)! Justanothertimewastingwebsite.wordpress.com is made as the ultimate website to waste peoples time! That is its main purpose!

The author who will write the most on here is me, Purplehuskyman, however there are others. But for that check out the People On This Website page.

Recurring features on this site include Monday Madness, which happens every Monday and has various funny pictures and tidbits to just start off your week. Then Friday Night Fever, which happens every Friday (although it is limited in the months of January and early February) and it has various funny pics and tidbits and it is made to kick-off your week! And the day after that comes I ❤ Saturdays. It is the same as the others and I created it because Saturdays are my favorite days of the week! We also occasionally have Sunday Funday, although this is less frequent than the others. Another recurring feature is Things To Do/Things Not To Do, in which we take a look at things you shouldn’t do in public. Another feature is Things You Don’t Wanna Hear where we look at some phrases you wouldn’t want to overhear. And last but not least, is That’ll Give You Nightmares! where we show you a video so funny you will remember it for a long time. This one is the least frequent because video takes up a lot of storage space on my website.

I guess I should probably talk about the style of this blog. This is a humor blog. My humor style is 30% sarcastic, 50% random, and 10% intelligent. I’m here if you just need a quick laugh, then try giving me a read. You may laugh, you may not. It really just depends on your sense of humor.

90% of our material is collected from the web. We get stuff from such sites, as Something Truly Epic, The Panic Button! icanhascheeseburger and more!

That’s all. Now that you’ve learned the facts, get off here and begin your time wasting experience!


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