What is a sniglet? A sniglet is a word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should. Cheedle, Ketoot, Aeroma, ever seen those in the dictionary? If you have, we suggest you make an appointment with your local psychologist right away. Now be amazed by the wonder that is Sniglets.


Aeroma- The smell of a recently used exercise room after a tough aerobics class.

Animalanche- When you kick your stuffed animals in your sleep and they fall on you or on the floor.


Beavo- A pencil with teeth marks all over it

Blossor- The hair style one has after where a baseball cap


Carcreak- The crackling  noises your car makes after you park it.

Cheedle- The remainder of powder left on your finger after consuming cheese puffs


Doork- A person who always pulls a door marked push or vice versa

Droot- A Dorito with an unnatural fold in it


Elbonics- Two people maneuvering for the same armrest in a movie theater

Exasprin- Any bottle of pain killer with a hard to move cap


Facon- The fake bacon bits at salad bars

Flen (chemical symbol: fl) The black crusty residue that lays on the neck of old ketchup bottles


Giraffiti: Vandalism spray painted very, very, high

Grainy- A gray and rainy day


Hangle- A cluster of coat hangers

Hozone- The place where socks disappear to in every laundry load


Idiolocator- The symbol on a mall or amusement park map representing “You Are Here”

Inkslink- The greasy spot on a piece of paper


Jiffylust- The desire to break into a new jar of PB (Peanut Butter)

Jukejitters- The fear that everybody thinks you picked the horrible song coming from the jukebox when it was really the person before you


Kernelkling- The popcorn kernel that’s stuck to the roof of your mouth

Ketoot- The sound a ketchup bottle makes when it’s almost empty or not well shook


Laminities- Those strange people who show up in the photo section of brand new wallets

Lullabuoy- An idea that floats in your head that prevents you from going to sleep


Malibugaloo- A dance that affects barefoot beach residents on hot summer days




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