Are You A Gamer? UPDATED 11/16/12

You know you’re addicted to playing video games when……

  • When caught in traffic you toss banana peels on the road
  • You end your conversations by saying game over
  • When ordering off of a menu you ask why story mode isn’t on there
  • You describe the outdoors as “bad gameplay but good graphics”
  • You open up all your Christmas gifts except for one because it may be a trap.
  • You kick open boxes to see if there are gems inside.
  • You think the UPS guy is trying to plant a c4 on your porch.
  • After not be interacted with for a while you say “Controller 2 has lost connections”
  • You refer to yourself as player 1 and your friend as player 2.
  • You wait for dragonflies to lead the way.
  • When finding a penny on the sidewalk you ask how many points it’s worth.
  • You look up cheat codes for cleaning your room.
  • You refer to streets as Rainbow Road, Luigi Circuit, etc.
  • You refer to your grouchy old neighbor as Doctor Eggman.
  • You call your school track club “hedgehogs”.

 What’s the difference between Call of Duty: Black Ops and a restaurant?

A restaurant usually has a good host and servers that work.

  • The weather man announces flood risk and you get out a shotgun.
  • You try to double jump.

Why did the frog cross the road?

Because that’s the objective of the game!

  • You try to kill mushrooms.
  • When playing baseball, you bring your Wii remote.
  • When invited to a party, you assume it’s on Xbox Live.
  • You stand around a guitar waiting for the circles to pop up.
  • You think flowers give you the ability to shoot fireballs.
  • You look for Call Of Duty Map Packs on Google Maps.
  • When you get better at something, you refer to it as leveling up
  • Whenever someone gets hit in the head you yell “HEADSHOT!” and you expect the man who hit him to get 10 points.

If you want to play with your friends at home play the Wii, if you want to play with your friends around the world get the XBOX 360. If you want to play by yourself, get the PS3.

  • You substitute your regular exercise time with Wii Fit.
  • You adjust your facial hair in real life so you can create a more accurate Mii of yourself.
  • When you keep getting gutter balls in real life, you use your Wii Bowl technique and get a strike.

What is Mario’s favorite play?

Mamma Mia!
  • You think Saturday Night Live is what you do every Saturday evening on your XBOX.
  • You consider listening to music on your XBOX the equivalent to a concert.
  • You think the only way to spell connect is KINECT.

What should Sonic use to knock on a door?

  • You refer to watching movies on your PS3 as the equivalent of going to the movies.
  • You buy an HDTV and a surround sound system..just for your PS3.
  • When you wake up you make the same sounds your PS3 makes when you turn it on.
  • You own a game for the 360 and buy it again just to play it on the PS3.




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