Rejected Disneyworld Attractions UPDATED 7/4/2014

  • The Mission to Mars That’s Been Slashed By NASA Budget Cuts
  •  The Hall of Ousted Walt Disney Company Presidents
  •  Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride In a Recalled BMW
  •  Journey to the Center of Cleveland, Ohio
  •  The Foreclosed House of the Future
  •  The Carousel of Congress
  •  The Log Flume That Women and Heavyset Men in White T-Shirts Should Probably Avoid
  •  ‘Toy Story’s’ Lead-Free Paint Extravaganza
  •  The Rock ‘n Roller Coaster Starring Nickelback
  •  The Adventures of ‘Finding Nemo’ Dead in the Fish Tank Because Your Kid Forgot to Feed Him
  •  ‘John Carter’: The Ride
  •  Never-ending Line to Nowhere
  • The Pirates of San Francisco
  • Main Street Electrocution Parade
  • Stitch’s Great Imprisonment
  • The Rock n’Roller Coaster starring the Wiggles
  • Honey, I Shrunk Our Bank Account
  • The Great Sitcom Ride
  • Cinderella’s Haunted Castle
  • Swiss Family Outhouse
  • Soarin’ Over Disney’s Waste Disposal Area
  • Spaz Mountain
  • The American Adventure: As told by the Cast of High School Musical
  • Haunted Man-Chin (Starring Jay Leno)
  • Cinderella’s Wash the Floors & Tables Character Dinner
  • Main Street Fakery
  • Stitch’s Great Waste of Time and Space
  • Hall of Presidential Interns
  • Mickey’s Rain Poncho Parade
  • Finding Nemo on Ice Sushi Bar
  • Swiss Family Cheesehouse
  • Urine River Rapids
  • Narnia: It’s a Movie…. For Theatres….We Made It… come in… see a clip…. buy the DVD now
  • MySpace Mountain
  • Expedition Never Rest
  • The Terrible Movie Ride
  • Walt’s Walk-In Freezer
  • Honey, We Lost Our Kids Somewhere In Epcot



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