Friday Night Fever: So On And So 4th

Hello everyone! Happy Fourth Of July! The day where we celebrate the USA by drinking alcohol and playing with explosives! Today I say that my blog honors this great country through E-cards! It’s what the founding fathers would want!

Town's local fireworks ecards

Not to mention Uncle Sam selfies and pets painted red white and blue!


While drinking our imported beer and eating hot dogs, which originate from Germany. USA! USA! USA!


There is no way I could say anything to this. It’s too great.


Back in 1963, when I started Friday Night Fever, we’ve had a bit that has popped up from time to time called Bad Advice Cat Advice Column, in which Bad Advice Cat Advice Column. We were going to do this again today but unfortunately, Bad Advice Cat got in a serious Breading accident. But don’t fear! We have found a temporary replacement. Please enjoy….

E-Card Advice Column


Happy Independence Day everybody!



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