Monday Madness: 2 Hour Delay……NO WAY!

Hey! Happy Monday everyone! Although it wasn’t a happy morning for me. My school was the only school in the county not to have a 2 hour delay!!!! Which is extra disappointing because I stayed up watching the WWE Royal Rumble last night. Just kidding! Pay Per View, taking dollars from me and you!- A Purple Huskyman original poem Anyway, I heard though that Cena won 2013 Royal Rumble. THAT WASN’T PREDICTABLE AT ALL!!!! *cough* sarcasm *cough*. Well since I didn’t watch it because it was Pay Per View, I don’t really have much on the subject, but I do have John Cena joke. Okay so get ready for this: Q: What did John Cena tell the Japanese Chef? A: You can’t Sashimi! *NOT THOUGHT OF BY ME! Another big thing going on right now are rumors that Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem at Obama’s Inauguration. Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams actually defended Beyonce though, but it’s surprising she’d had the time to speak out since she is spending her day trying to get on Dancing With The Stars. *ALSO NOT THOUGHT OF BY ME! Lindsey Lohan actually turned down being on Dancing With The Stars this season, probably because she’s somebody people have actually heard of! Well enough chit-chat, it’s time for what you came here for, FUNNY PICTURES!


Is American Idol on tonight? Or is that tomorrow? Wow, you know this post is going downhill when I’m not even coming up with a caption and instead wondering what’s on TV tonight!


Well, that’s not exactly the Google Chrome logo but they probably had to change it so nobody would find out they were the ones who made it! But alas, the code has been cracked!


That’s some Cartoon logic for you!

Alright well before we go there’s something I wanna discuss that I briefly mentioned on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday will be the first annual Time Wasting Bowl! But what is this Time Wasting Bowl you ask? Well on Saturday, in honor of the Super Bowl the next day,  in the evening it’s the I ❤ Saturdays Time Wasting Bowl Team LOLcats VS  Team Graphjam with a special half time performance by Kanye West. Plus a whole day of posts, page updates, and football jokes! You WON’T wanna miss this. So join us for that!


I <3 Saturdays: YOU SLACKER!

I know, I know. I didn’t post Monday Madness this week. But hey cut some slack to this slacker, alright? Anyway, recently I for some reason have gained interest in the Cartoon Cartoons. You know, the cartoons made with a collaboration of Cartoon Network and other studios. I’m not sure why I’m suddenly interested in them again. I guess because I honestly didn’t watch that many of them as a kid. The ones I watched were Dexter’s Lab, Cow And Chicken, and The Powerpuff Girls. And I watched Mike, Lu, and Og twice or maybe three times at the most. But all the other ones no. I hadn’t even heard of Time Squad or Sheep In The Big City until recently when I started looking back on these cartoons. So yea, I just thought I’d bring that up because I had no topic for tonight. So why don’t we go into Week Two of Internet Idol, our own American Idol contest where we find the funniest memes on the web and see which one will become the…next….Internet….Idol.

Hello, I am Purple Seacrest and this…………………………………………………………………………………………………is………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Internet………………………………………….Idol!

Here is our first contestant:




Randy: Not cool, dude

Keith: I’m afraid it’s a no.

Nicki: Are you serious? Nuh-uh. No sirrrrrr!

Mariah: You have potential.

Next contestant:

Forever Alone

Randy: That was cool, dawg. It was alright! It was alright!

Keith: Okay.

Nicki: Very moving. I like it. And you’re very attractive…..from an angle.

Mariah: You have potential.


Randy: Nice! Dawg! Nice!

Keith: Cool, man.

Nicki: Man, you are quite good looking. A very good looking man indeed. Those female viewers at home, they’re just gonna be eatin’ you up.

Mariah: You have potential.



The results are in:

The next Internet Idol is……

going to be one of these three contestants. It could be Kanye Interrupts, Forever Alone, or Graphjam. The votes are in and the next Internet Idol is……….not Lolcat because he was last week’s Internet Idol. We are currently focusing on this week’s Internet Idol. So your votes have been counted and the next…Internet Idol…is………… this envelope I am holding. When I open this baby up, BOOM! There ya go. There’s your winner. So the next Internet Idol is………who you have chosen. We got 30,000,000,000,000,000 votes and the next Internet Idol is….okay, before we get into that, let’s review. Our contestants are Kanye Interrupts, Forever Alone guy, and Graphjam. So that means one of those will be come the next…Internet…Idol. And the next Internet Idol is…coming up after these messages.


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Alright, the wait is over, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for…the next….Internet………………….Idol……………………..issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…..going to be revealed after a performance by whatever pop star is popular right now.




Forever Alone Guy.

Seacrest out!



Well everybody, see ya Monday, and then make sure to come back on Saturday for the first ever Time Wasting Bowl, it’s Team Lolcats against Team Graphjam. You won’t wanna miss it!


I <3 Saturdays: American Oddball……Idol

Hey guys and girls, men and women, cats and dogs, other species. Welcome to another action packed edition of I ❤ Saturdays. Tonight’s topic: AMERICAN IDOL. For our Idol judges this year, we have Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and E.T. (also known as Nicki Minaj). It’s kind of off-putting to me having Nicki as a judge. I mean she talks in a British accent at random times. Which is fun, but not if you’re judging some contestant and you just randomly say “Hello, Madame, how do you do?” in a British accent. On Thursday, she called a contestant a pretty little ladybug. So that settles it, she really is an alien, because she can’t even tell a person’s species. But American Idol is also very educational. It teaches us about The Great Minajian Revolution, the war that took place in 2013 between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Is it bad I want to see these two in The Hunger Games? Seriously though, they are pretty brutal to each other. This show is pretty predictable and the people can be a bit bland. Which explains why next year it is going to be a sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel. But it is predictable. Okay, so if they show a video about how the contestants’  house burnt down they’re going to get through and if they show a video about the contestant’s obsession over Britney Spears, they’re not. I thought tonight we could hold our own American Idol competition entitled: “Internet Idol”. Here’s our first contestant:


RANDY: That was tight, dawg, or..ummm…I guess cat actually.

Keith: Cool.

Nicki: That was just…wow…That was just….wow…..

Mariah: You have potential.


Next contestant



Randy: Very thought provoking, dawg!

Keith: Very inspiring.

Nicki: That was cool…..(British accent time)..Oh so very lovely darling. (Regularish voice) So cool!

Mariah: You have potential.

You’re going to Hollywood!

Final contestant of the day…..



Randy: No, Dawg, No. It’s just not for you!

Keith: Sorry man, no.

Nicki: Oh no. They’re calling me out. I must get back to my home planet.

Mariah: You have potential.

It looks like it’s a no!






The next…

Internet Idol is

The Napkin Lolcat!!!

Thank you for watching, I am Purple Seacrest, your local news is coming up next!


Have A Great Kitty Cat Napkin Autotuned Saturday!


Monday Madness: Facebook Funnies

Ah Facebook! A place for you to socialize with your friends, or stalk your ex girlfriends/boyfriends. Speaking of stalk, Facebook didn’t do so well in the stock market!
“When Facebook stock went on the market, it was priced at $38 a share. Now, a share is worth $18.99. Market analysts have said we’re not posting enough pictures of our cats on Facebook.” –Jimmy Kimmel. Their stock was so bad when Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, went to McDonalds, the drive thru lady asked “Can you afford fries with that?” Now that’s pretty bad!

Stocks aside, Mark Zuckerberg created one of the most popular websites of all time. You know I read in an interview that Mark Zuckerberg only eats meat from things he kills. That explains why he ate Tom from MySpace. Anyway, besides socializing, people love to play games on Facebook. A game I’ve been noticing increasing in popularity is this Candy Crush Saga thing. I don’t really get it but, hey if you like it than power to ya! It’s kind of crazy the stuff people get addicted to. I remember when Farmville used to be the biggest thing on Facebook. I never really got into that. I mean, I just checked my Farmville for the first time in 3 years. It’s now a supermarket. Besides socializing and games, one of the most popular things on Facebook is sharing funny pictures. So today I thought I’d dedicate this episode of Monday Madness to funny pictures shared by my Facebook friends.



Oh, Whiskers that’s so cute. NOW BE GRATEFUL YOU LOSER!



I have no words.





Alright, well that’s all, see you Saturday. Keep up the good work Facebook friends!

I <3 Saturdays: Appy Birthday!

Before we begin this episode of I ❤ Saturdays I’d just like to share a joke my friend (we will just refer to her as AllyT on here) came up with. Now AllyT is a very creative, comical person. And she just posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

Dear Bullies: If your so cool then why don’t you have a candy named after you???
-Sincerely, Nerds

All I can say is, good one AllyT, good one.

And now to begin our episode of I ❤ Saturdays:


Hey! Happy Saturday, everyone. Ah, ya see what I did there, I took your Saturday and I made it happy. Speaking of Happy, on Thursday, it was Apple’s iPhone’s birthday. I hear it was a fantastic party, sadly though Flash couldn’t make it. But oh well.  Hey now that I think about it my girlfriend is like an iPhone 5; I don’t have an iPhone 5. Wow, an iPhone’s screen is brighter than my future! But seriously, those screens are bright. I turned my iPhone 4S’s screen all the way up for brightness, and I had a nice tan! Those iPhone screens are so bright, even (DATED REFERENCE ALERT!) Ken Jennings is like “Whoa!’.  However, despite the iPhone’s super bright screen, my iPhone has caused a bad situation for me. It caused me to fail my Geography test. You see, I cheated and used iOS 6 Maps! The bad maps aside, the iPhone is a very great phone, which is why there are so many companies that challenge it, another challenge for it, making a call! Anyways, the one thing that’s really popular on the iPhone are the apps! You see kids, the App Store is a magical place where birds kill pigs and you spell things with your pals! These apps are so popular, some memes are surfacing around the internet! I have handpicked some of the best!



Darn…what about Fruit Ninja?



Aw man! I guess I’ll just play Cut The Rope instead!

words with friends


Don’t you hate when you addictions inter-fer with each other!

See ya Monday everybody!

Monday Madness: Hockey Hoedown!

It’s 2013!!! Many people think this will be a bad year because it has the year 13 in it. But right now Hockey fans sure don’t think so. The NHL lockout is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . The Hockey lockout had many fans very upset, Gary Bettman doing what a Gary Bettman does; make bad decisions, and players being as equally upset as the fans, okay, well maybe not that upset, but still pretty upset. I honestly don’t really have much on the subject because I don’t watch the NHL that much. I usually like watching local teams and stuff like that. But I occasionally will watch it on TV. What I noticed over the lockout though is the numerous memes that came out during the lockout. So I thought before these memes become terribly outdated, let’s take a look back on some of the best ones. But first it is customary to sing the official NHL lockout anthem:

I remember when you broke up the first time

Players and the owners had enough

’cause you were only making like a billion bucks

But you said something about cap space (What?)

Then you come around again and say

Maybe we’ll play another 80-something games

Trust me, remember how you hardly even played?

I said I love you, you broke up, you lockout, I hate you


Boo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh you called your season off last night

Boo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh this time, I’m wonderin’, I’m wonderin’


Are you ever, ever, ever, getting back together?

Are you ever, ever, ever, getting back together?

You go talk to players, talk to Bettman, talk to Steve (Who’s Steve?)

Are you ever, ever, ever, ever, getting back together?


Like, ever?


Alright now let the memes begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here’s an old classic.

Gary Bettman


Gee I can’t wait to play this mode!




Now I’d go see this movie!


See ya Saturday everyone!

News About Friday Night Fever

During the month of January and early February, there will be little to no Friday Night Fever because every Friday night I am on a skiing-snowboarding trip with my school as part of their snowboarding club. Because of this, I get back at a 11:30 at night. When I’m at home that late, I’d just like to relax. There will still be Monday Madness and I<3 Saturdays. Thank you and I hope you have a super time wasting day!