Letter From Our Founder

Dear person who must be bored enough to click on this page,

We thank you for visiting our site! It’s what we get money for! Just kidding! I get paid in limousines and fame, not money. Anyway, thank you for taking your time to waste your time. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! All of the content on this website is family friendly (ACCURATE ON 4/24/2012) We are very glad you visited this site and hope you come back! We will have new posts often. We will always have a post on Monday, Friday, and Saturday! (Mondays: Monday Madness, Fridays: Friday Night Fever, Saturdays: I LOVE SATURDAYS) Another recurring site feature includes Things To Do/ Things Not To Do, which shows you how to handle and/or not handle a situation. Also if you scroll down, look to the side and you’ll see a thing that says “JOIN THE TIME WASTING COMMUNITY!” Then there will be a button that says JOIN! If  you are a WordPress member click that to be notified when a new post is on this site, if you aren’t, then type in your email in the white line and then click join to be emailed each new post! We hope for you to come back. It would give us the sense of success.

-The Site Owner



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