Top Ten Lists UPDATED 11/21/2012

We here at justanothertimewastingwebsite love top ten lists, for example some of our favorites are Top Ten Places To Visit, Top Ten Foods To Try, Top Ten Things To Wear, because they give us insights on different things. We thought we’d share with you a few Top Ten Lists that really helped us along the way! NOTE: These were not made by me!

Top Ten Scariest Fortune Cookies

10. We know where you live.

9. You will need good reading material in approximately 15 minutes.

8. Everyone’s meal today is on you.

7. Our special sauce is really toothpaste.

6. Guess what the “drop” was in our Egg Drop Soup and win a free meal!

5. You will self destruct in the next 5 seconds.

4. You are under arrest.

3. Your dog Fido…. is no longer missing.

2. See your waiter about the new food poison life insurance policy.

1. Congratulations! You have won a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert.

Top Ten Reasons Why Our Dogs Don’t Use Computers

10. Still trying to come up with an emoticon that symbolizes tail wagging.

9. “This is Bill Gates and now the Top Ten Reasons Why Our Dogs Don’t Use Computers list will be outdated with the new Microsoft Opposable Thumb. Ha! BEAT THAT APPLE!”

8. Keep bruising noses trying to catch the MPEG frisbee.

7. Saliva-coated mouse gets hard to maneuver.

6. Fire Hydrant icon simply frustrating.

5. They can’t help attacking the screen when they hear “You’ve Got Mail”.

4. Too difficult to “mark” every website they visit.

3. Hard to read monitor with your head cocked to one side.

2. Fetch command not available on all platforms.

1. Can’t stick there head out of Windows 8.

Top Ten Things A Car Made By AOL Would Have

10. The AOL car would have an AOL car cell phone that could only call other people with an AOL car cell phone.

9. Every time you close the AOL car’s doors it’ll say “Goodbye”.

8.  AOL car mechanics would have no experience in car repairs.

7. The AOL car would have a very plain body but pretty colors and lights on the inside.

6. Every now and then the car would lock up for no apparent reason.

5.  Anyone dissatisfied could return the car but would still have to continue to make payments for 6 more months.

4. The windshield would have a dark tint protecting the driver from viewing of better cars.

3. The car would often refuse to start and drivers would try again later.

2. The AOL car would come with a NEW AND FANTASTIC QUALITY 8-track player.

1. The AOL car would have a TOP speed of 40 MPH but a speedometer of 200 MPH

Top Ten Reasons Why California’s Different From The Rest Of The U.S.A.

10. Their cat has their own psychiatrist.

9. If they need a new TV, they can run to your local riot and pick one up.

8. All highways out of state say “GO BACK!”

7. They consult their horoscope before planning their day.

6. Left is right and right is wrong.

5.  Their car has bulletproof windows.

4. The primary bugs they are afraid of are electronic.

3. They know how to eat an artichoke.

2. Thunder is the lead story for the local news.

1. They miss their yoga class so that they can keep up with the Kardashians.

Top Ten Reasons Why It Isn’t Bad To Stay At Work All Night

10. Elevator surfing!

9. A chance to pretend to be your boss.

8. Leave prank messages on the CEO’s voicemail.

7. Run up the hallways screaming so you can finally meet the security guards.

6. Finally play Angry Birds without the fear of getting fired.

5. Drink unlimited coffee.

4. Put a whole bunch of mugs full of coffee so your boss gives you a promotion.

3. Dance to your favorite One Direction song without getting caught.

2. Find away to change everyone’s password to chrysanthemum.

1. Act out a company takeover.

 Top Ten Dumb Inventions

10. Black highlighter

9.Clear correction fluid

8. Fake rhinestones

7. Inflatable dartboard

6. Glow in the dark sunglasses

5. Motorcycle air conditioner

4. Sugarcoated toothpaste

3. A system that allows you to report power failures via internet

1. A top ten list with only 9 things

Top Ten Rejected Hallmark Cards

10. Looking Over The Years We’ve Been Together, I can’t help but wonder “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!”

9. Someday I hope to get married!!!!! But not to you.

8. I’m so miserable without’s almost like you’re here!

7. You’re such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship and there was one life jacket….I’d think of you often.

6. I knew the day would come when you’d leave me for my best friend…so here’s his leash, his water bowl, and his chew toys.

5. Thanks for being part of my life!! I now know what evil is.

4. Happy birthday! You look great for your age, almost lifelike.

3. Congratulations on your wedding day! But getting mentally married doesn’t count!

2. I hear you’re in a relationship…..I thought it was a pretty good joke too!

1. I heard about your break up. If you need someone to talk to, then I’m not available.

Top Ten Rejected McDonalds Menu Items

10. Salmon McNella

9. McKitty

8. Depressed Meal

7. Lion King Hairball Happy Meal

6. Filet O’ Flesh

5. Grumpy Meal

4. Dopey Meal

3. Sneezy Meal


1. McRib (Wait, that one’s real?!)

Top Ten Dumber Inventions

10. Waterproof Sponge

9. Smooth Sandpaper

8. Fireproof Matches

7. Battery Powered Battery Charger

6. Silent Alarm Clock

5. Pedal powered wheelchair

4. Hand powered chainsaw

3. Solar powered flash light.

2. Inflatable Anchor

1. Non-stick Tape

Top Ten  5 Signs You’re Addicted To Professional Wrestling

5. You insist every one puts Stone Cold before there first name.

4. You call your boss Mr. McMahon.

3. Slipping into something more comfortable usually involves a cape and a mask.

2. The thing you do before you’re finished with something, you call your “finisher”

1. When coming home from work, you insist that there’s entrance music.

Top 10 Rejected Top 10 Lists

10. The Top 10 Coolest Things About Grass

9. The Top 10 Ways To Watch Paint Dry

8. The Top 10 Best Scenes In John Carter

7. The Top 10 Things That Rhyme With Kiwi

6. The Top 10 Kardashian Episodes

5. The Top 10 Ways That Apple Maps Has Been Helpful

4. The Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Pics

3. The Top 10 Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Will Win An Oscar Someday

2. The Top 10 Things To Do With Cheese

1. The Top 10 Reasons Why This Isn’t Wasting Your Time Right Now

Top 10 Cancelled Saturday Morning Cartoons

10. The Smurfs Meet The Snorks

9. Shaggy And Scooby Go To The Retirement Home

8. Dentist The Menace

7. The Land Of The Lost: The Barney Years

6. COPS: The Animated Series

5. Spongebob SkinnyJeans

4. The Coco Puff Girls

3. The Atoms Family

2. Waffle House Rock

1. The Animated Adventures Of The Jersey Shore Kids






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