I <3 Saturdays: Appy Birthday!

Before we begin this episode of I ❤ Saturdays I’d just like to share a joke my friend (we will just refer to her as AllyT on here) came up with. Now AllyT is a very creative, comical person. And she just posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

Dear Bullies: If your so cool then why don’t you have a candy named after you???
-Sincerely, Nerds

All I can say is, good one AllyT, good one.

And now to begin our episode of I ❤ Saturdays:


Hey! Happy Saturday, everyone. Ah, ya see what I did there, I took your Saturday and I made it happy. Speaking of Happy, on Thursday, it was Apple’s iPhone’s birthday. I hear it was a fantastic party, sadly though Flash couldn’t make it. But oh well.  Hey now that I think about it my girlfriend is like an iPhone 5; I don’t have an iPhone 5. Wow, an iPhone’s screen is brighter than my future! But seriously, those screens are bright. I turned my iPhone 4S’s screen all the way up for brightness, and I had a nice tan! Those iPhone screens are so bright, even (DATED REFERENCE ALERT!) Ken Jennings is like “Whoa!’.  However, despite the iPhone’s super bright screen, my iPhone has caused a bad situation for me. It caused me to fail my Geography test. You see, I cheated and used iOS 6 Maps! The bad maps aside, the iPhone is a very great phone, which is why there are so many companies that challenge it, another challenge for it, making a call! Anyways, the one thing that’s really popular on the iPhone are the apps! You see kids, the App Store is a magical place where birds kill pigs and you spell things with your pals! These apps are so popular, some memes are surfacing around the internet! I have handpicked some of the best!



Darn…what about Fruit Ninja?



Aw man! I guess I’ll just play Cut The Rope instead!

words with friends


Don’t you hate when you addictions inter-fer with each other!

See ya Monday everybody!


What’s Your Username?

You know, it can be hard to come up with usernames for websites. And when we do come up with them, they can be pretty weird. An example of a weird username is…hmm well I don’t wanna use somebody’s real username so I’ll just make one up, let’s see…Okay I got one, let’s say somebody’s username was “purplehuskyman”. Believe it or not, it took somebody’s mind to come up with that, until now…. I present The Just Another Time Wasting Website Username Generator!!!!! Say you’re trying to think of a username, or wanna change your username, or forgot your old one so you need to make a new account, well this device works for all of these occasions. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll have a username in  just seconds!!!!!!!!


Take the first letter of your real name and/or username(s) and see what your new username will be!


B- Soup







I- Spaghetti

J- Ninja


L-Ice Cream

M- Proud Wearer Of Hats

N- Yea


P- Woah

Q- Squiggles

R- Wolf

S- 123

T- Pizza



W- Walrus

X- Root Beer

Y- Brusselsprouts

Z- Laundry



,- Meap



2- Peanut Butter

3- Q

4- Roar


6- FIRE!

7- Proud Wearer Of Shoes

8- Truckdriver

9- Ducks

0- Woot Woot!