People On This Website NO LONGER A SUBPAGE!

Purple Huskyman- The head author of this website, he loves cheese, soup and is the awesomest person in the whole entire universe (I’m also the one writing this right now)

The Site Owner- A rich, money hungry fool who sometimes needs to care about somebody else besides himself! He doesn’t care about this site quality and is just interested in the site’s popularity. He is cruel and heartless and needs to focus on what’s best for the website even if that means a little less pay for him, he just needs to (What’s that?! He’s going to read this!!!) In that case: A cool, honorable boss. He makes sure everyone is happy and puts everybody first, he is a great guy with a good heart and always does what’s best for this website, he puts the manage in manager.

Dark Star 691- A cool hip partner who posts funny pics and more! He has one post: Friday Night Fever: Cook’s Choice

Huskymax:  She’s my other partner, and has a nice, laid back, sort of wacky, sort of strange, sense of humor. She currently has 2 posts: THINGS NOT TO DO AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY & Things not to do in a wafflehouse.

EEEEK- The newest member to the team, he currently has 1 post: I<3 Saturdays: THE LATE EDITION

(And I guess I’ll include him, even though he’s not a person) Steve- A happy blue bird who has improper spelling and grammar. He loves pepperoni and bacon and posts what’s on his mind with “chirps” on his page “What’s Steve Chirping About”.



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