If Album Titles Were Honest *UPDATED* 5/11/2014

Singers put  a lot of CD’s out there today. Their fans buy them and they get more and more money. Now these CD’s have titles (WELL DUH!) and sometimes those titles could be what sells people. But what if those titles were honest, and told the truth about the musician you were listening to, would you still buy it? Let’s take a glimpse at some of these truthful titles, and we’ll see if you’d still want to buy from your favorite artist. (NOTE: THIS WILL SPOOF VARIOUS SINGERS! IF YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE YOUR FAVORITE SINGER/BAND GETTING SPOOFED THEN CLICK OUT OF THIS PAGE)

NOW That’s What I Call Every Generic Song In Music

Please Don’t Tell Us Were Like One Direction Because We Got Here First- The Wanted

If You Feel Depressed, Listen To My Music So You Can Feel More Depressed- Adele

I Broke Up With Someone….Again!- Taylor Swift

I Actually Have More Songs Than Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

I’m Rich Because You Think One Day We’ll Date- Justin Bieber

We Raised Your Standards For Men By 90%! Good Luck Finding A Boyfriend Now- One Direction

Everybody Judges Us Because We’re On Nickelodeon- Big Time Rush

Aliens Can Be Singers Too- Nicki Minaj

Please Forget I Was In Degrassi- Drake

Jake Gyllenhaal- Taylor Swift

You Only Hear Me At Christmas- Michael Buble

I’ll Remind You Of All Your Bad Relationships- Adele

Everyone Wears Our Shirts But Doesn’t Listen To Our Music- The Rolling Stones

My Old Stuff Was Really Good, So Here’s That Again- Kelly Clarkson

I Will Repeat The Same Word Over And Over- Lady GaGa

We’re Just Gonna Put Adam Levine’s Face On The Cover, We Know You’ll Buy It Now- Maroon 5

Expect Another Version Of That Independent Women Song You Loved On Here- Beyonce

There Will Be Another Album In Six Months- Rihanna

I’ll Throw A Few Sentences, Gibberish, And Autotune And There Ya Go!- Nicki Minaj

I’m From Disney So I Have To Sing- Selena Gomez

You Probably Assumed This Was Like Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye

Music To Eat Ice Cream And Cry To- Adele

I Have More Girlfriends Than Songs- John Mayer


I’m Still Mad Beyonce Didn’t Win- Kanye West

My 60+ Personalities Shows That The Contents Of My Songs Don’t Matter As Long As They Rhyme- Nicki Minaj

I Just Want Everyone To Forget About My “Disney Darling Days”- Miley Cyrus

Here’s A Few Songs You Can Put As Your Facebook Status- Drake

I Quit A Promising Solo Career To Star In A Facebook Movie- Justin Timberlake

No American Knows What I’m Saying, But They’re Still Buying This- PSY

Don’t Listen, Just Look- One Direction

I’m Getting Too Old For This- Madonna

This is my 8th Album, Or No 9th, I Don’t Really Know Anymore- Rihanna

We Have More Money Than You Do And We’re Gonna Brag About It- Jay Z Featuring Kanye West

Everyone Hated Friday, So…Why Not Make An Album?- Rebecca Black

How To Get Everyone To Leave The Room- Justin Bieber

We Hope You Enjoy This Cause You’re Not Getting Another One- The Jonas Brothers

I Insist That My Songs Have Nothing To Do With My Life Right Now, But They Do- Katy Perry

We’re Going To Release A New Album, But Not Until The Year 4000- Mindless Behavior

We’ve Ran Out Of Ideas- Green Day

I Love Joe, Taylor, John, Cory, Toby, Jake, Chord,Will, Connor, Harry- Taylor Swift

Just Plain Messed Up- Foster The People

I Love It Here In Good Ol’ 1953- Zooey Deschanel

If You Knew What I Was Saying, You Wouldn’t Sing Along- PSY

This Is The Most Autotuned Thing You’ll Hear In Your Life- Nicki Minaj

I’m Always Talking About Breaking Up & Girl Power, Meanwhile I’m Married And I Have A Baby- Beyonce

Acting This Way- Lady GaGa

KISS (Loves Your Money! KEEP IT COMIN’)- KISS

Most Of My Songs Are Just Me Singing Over Crazy Amounts Of Auto Tune That For Some Reason People Love- T-Pain

You’ll Get Bullied For Buying This- Justin Bieber

Anyone Remember Me? Hello..Still Here.- Jesse McCartney

Let’s Just Talk About How My Boyfriend Dumped Me, Boys Are Terrible, I Hate Life- Adele

I Stepped On A Cat And Decided To Record The Sound It Made- Skrillex

I’m Having Issues With Creativity So…HERE’S TO MONEY!- Jay Z

We Are Too Focused On Convincing The World We Care About The World To Do Something- U2

Sad, Tired, And Lonely- Radiohead

We Can Call This Album Whatever We Want, Nobody Will Buy It Anyways- Nickelback

It’s All About The Money!- Jessie J

Broke Up For The 25th Time- Taylor Swift

I Gave Birth Once And Now I’ll Just Keep Screaming In The Same Key I Gave Birth In- Alicia Keys

Did ANYBODY Buy This?!- Willow Smith

We Flip Our Hair And Then Get Money! It’s MAGIC!- One Direction

Thank you YouTube!- Justin Bieber

I’ve Made This Album 28 Times- Jimmy Buffet

Unintentional Hilarity- William Shatner

Well At Least The Girl’s Hot, Right?- Evanescence

Are They Married Or Related?-The White Stripes

Greatest Hit- Creed

Why Did You Block My Facebook?- Adele






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