I have some bad news. I’ve came down with a bad case of the Friday Night Fever! LOL! So, how was your day? Really?! That’s good and/or bad depending on whatever the heck you said. Today at my school we had a fire drill! Ah, a fire drill, because blaring loud alarms make us want to get in a single file line and be quiet. Well what else? Oh, you know what has been annoying me lately. Those posts on Facebook. You know the ones…. “Like My Status or else tonight at midnight, the evil ninja king will come at 3:00 am. If you do like this though, you’ll save this sick boy in the hospital, because the doctor says he can only get paid in lieks, it is so sad,  so share this if you breathe and stuff”.  Sorry if anybody reading this does this, but it just really bugs me. Well I’m sure you didn’t come to read my Facebook rant and if you did, well good for you, but for the 99.9% that is expecting funny pics, here ya go!

Funny because it’s true!

Poor Ms. Pacman! I hope she gets straightened up!

HAYYYYYYY!!! How ya doin’?!

I believe he used this same technique on Selena Gomez. The only difference is  since she’s a wizard, she turned it into a brand new car! Man! Justin Bieber has really changed. I still remember 4 years ago, when he was a 14 year old girl singing on YouTube.

And now a new feature to Friday Night Fever

Bad Advice Cat’s Advice Column

Where a cat gives you life advice..

Alright,well I suppose I should rap it up. See ya next Friday!


Upcoming Video Games!


*NEW* Super Mario Bros. 2  is launched for the 3DS ! This is the sequel to the 2006 DS game, and the 2009 Wii game. How many times does this princess get captured? You’d think by now Mario would have an eye on her by now. The first time the princess got captured was in 1985, and it has just kept happening ever since. I mean, at first it was probably a mistake, but now do you think she’s just making Mario suffer. Or maybe she’s just dumb?! Because she doesn’t seem to be able to outsmart mushrooms. Seriously, she’s getting kidnapped by things that go on salads. But the original 3 Super Mario Bros. I really do like.  I own all three of them for the Wii. I haven’t tried the newer ones, I think the newest Mario game I’ve played is Mario Kart Wii. But New Super Mario Brother 2 isn’t the only new upcoming game to look forward too. We here, at Just Another Time Wasting Website got an exclusive look at upcoming video games to be released sometime in the near future. We got to play them and here they are!




Major League Eating (XBOX 360)

Just when you thought they did every single sports video game, comes Major League Eating!

Features Food Mode: Hot Dog Eating Contest, French Fry Eating Contest and Burger Eating Contest

and Dessert Mode: Ice Cream Eating Contest, and Pie Eating Contest

PLUS! Play as your favorite athletes: Stum Ecch, Stew Beef, Tum E., Hugh Fatt, Gett Ingbigg, and Bob Carter,

Wait….this is real?! WHAT?!!!!! Seriously look this up, I’m being told this is a real game!


Proving that people who make Wii games haven’t ran out of ideas (although they may have ran out of good ones) comes Feed Steve.

Story Mode: In Story Mode, there is a monkey who is a hungry, so you feed him.

Party Mode: Same as story mode except with 4 player option. But only 4 player option. like there’s no 1 player, or 2 player, or 3 player option, you have to have 4 players.

Controls: A to pick up the banana, B to hand it to Steve, 173 levels!




The makers of Halo were told they had to tone it down a bit. So they did, with Halo Kitty.

It has all the original brilliance of Halo with the exception being it features an ridiculously innocent Japanese kitty that nobody really talks about anymore.


From the creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Left 4 Fingers!


Look for these at your local Video Game store sometime soon! And make sure to play them because they’re just loads of fun!

Things not to do in a wafflehouse

(this is huskymax btw)

(1) yell “they lied! this isn’t a house made out of waffles!”

(2) bite the door and when they stare at you say “what? isn’t this house made out of waffles?”


(4) ask the chef for an autograph

(5) take a bite of waffle and roll on the floor like you’re dying

(6) put a cockroach on a person’s waffle and yell and point it out

(7) ask the waiter/waitress if they come there often




(1) tell them that they are one year closer to death

(2) blow up the birthday cake as the birthday person is blowing out the candles

(3) when they light the candles, scream “FIRE!” and run out the door

(4) ask the birthday person which present is yours

(5) throw their cat into the cake

(6) when the birthday person is going to take a bite of cake, ask them why they put cockroaches in the cake

(7) (if you go swimming,) scream “SHARK!!” when you get into the pool.

This was all entirely thought of by my good friend and new partner Huskymax.

Are You SIRI-ous

Have you guys (and girls) heard of the thing called Siri. It’s that personal assistant thingy built into the iPhone 4S. The name varies depending on what country you live in. In some it’s a female named Siri, in others it’s a male named Daniel, you just don’t know. Anyway, I went to the Apple store to try it out today. It was fun, except people kept changing the name on it, I kept trying different ones to see how the cell phone providers were, the best was probably either At&t or Verizon, but because of that each phone the name kept changing, one time I was Rock God, one time I was Godzilla, the other two times I can’t repeat the name because this is a family friendly, it turns out I’m not the only one that’s had some weird conversations with Siri. Here are a few other strange Siri conversations! Here are links to them

NOTE: All of the conversations below are fake and made by me using a fake Siri conversation generator!










I <3 Saturdays

Hey we haven’t had an I Love Saturdays for a while. Dark Star (my partner in crime) was gonna post one last week but didn’t get to due for various reasons. Anyway, I just got back from camp and I’m tired so let’s just cut to the chase. Hey! SNL! For all of you who don’t know SNL stands for Saturday Night Live. There is some mild language and mildly suggestive humor. Keep that in mind when popping your popcorn and sitting down with the family at 11:29 to have your quality time. Now with that being said, there is no SNL tonight due to the OLYMPICS!!! USA! Ya know it was funny today as Serena Williams, or Venus Williams, or Robin Williams, whichever Williams it was, was accepting their gold medal, right at the line from the national anthem “that our flag was still there” the American flag blew away.  Ah. AMUSEMENT! And…get ready for this…







You’ll never be able to thing of the song without this


Cyanide And Happiness have bad memory!

Pizza Tacos are possible!

Cows call for help in a crisis!