Friday Night Fever: It’s About Time (Travel)

  Hello everyone! So today X-Men: Still Milking This Franchise…err..Days Of Future Past comes out. I’m going to see it later tonight and I don’t know much about it, but from what I understand it’s a time travel movie. I myself am a time travel enthusiast so I thought that today I would dedicate this post to the wonders of time travel. Let’s begin!

Welcome To Friday Night Fever’s

Guide To Time Travel

STEP 1: Know Your Facts


STEP 2: Get Companions


STEP 3: Hear Other Stories About Time Travel


STEP 4: Do A Quick Test Run


STEP 5: Begin Your Journey


This Concludes Friday Night Fever’s
Guide To Time Travel

Thanks for reading everyone! See you tomorrow!





I <3 Saturdays- The Great Post Before It’s Too Late Race

Hello everybody. Well you know it, I know it, this is an extremely late I ❤ Saturdays. Which means I have to race against the clock, so this still gets posted on Saturday. So, why not go all out and make this post racing themed.

And Now Here They Are….

The Most Daredevil Group Of Daffy Drivers To Ever Whirl Their Wheels In The…



First up, handling her Fierce Frying Pan is Rapunzel.


Right on her tail is The Break-Up Buggy driven by Betty and Bobby Banana.


And next here comes the Overly Attatched Girlfriend in her Stalker-Copter.


Sneaking along last is that mean machine with those double dealing do badders, Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley.

And awayyy they go

On the way out

Wacky Races

AHA! I finished this post before the end of the night (barely)! See you Monday!


Friday Night Fever- In Godzilla We Trust

Hello everyone! GODZILLA! A monster pop culture icon that’s adored by everyone (except Japanese atheists) is getting an American remake that’s NOT starring Matthew Broderick. Hooray! Now I’ll be completely honest, I don’t know much about Godzilla. I mean I know he’s from Japan and I know a couple of the basic things, but I haven’t ever seen a Godzilla picture. Actually, that’s a lie, because I’ve seen three and I’m going to share them with you now!


As I stated, I haven’t seen any of these movies. Is this accurate?


What’s the big deal? Isn’t that just the landlord looking in?


And now a twist on an old classic.

For the 53 years I’ve been doing Friday Night Fever, we’ve done a segment time and time again entitled Bad Advice Cat Advice Column, in which Bad Advice Cat gives you advice for your life. However for tonight I’ve replaced Bad Advice Cat with Godzilla’s old buddy, King Kong. So, without any further nonsense here is..

King Kong’s Advice Column


Thank you Mr. Kong. Good night everyone!

Sunday Funday: Back In Action?

Does anyone remember me? Probably not. Allow me to get reacquainted with you all, I am Purple Huskyman. For a little while, I was posting on this humor blog like crazy!  Whether it was an article full of one liners, a new page mocking pop culture, or some funny photos I wanted to share, it would be on this blog. But then one day, I just sort of..stopped. I don’t really know why, and I kept constantly reminding myself “Okay, I’ll post today!” but then I…didn’t. I know this sounds like the lamest excuse ever because it is. But now I’d like to get back on track, that is if anybody cares. So let’s give this another whirl! Here are some fun pics from all corners of the internet.

gym fail

The new Moron Method workout! If you want to lift a dumbbell, just pick up yourself!

2 steps


Tht’s a srious brn! But really, people actually talk like that. I mean, text speak, I know. But that’s just too much!


Well, I guess I’ll give this blog another go! See you tomorrow!!!




I <3 Saturdays: Twinkies: Ressurection/Sanjay And Craig review

HALLELUJAH!  HALLELUJAH!The cripple can walk! The deaf can see (Yea, so that may not help any but…) and the lame can talk! But how? Why? Where? Who? When? Really? TWINKIES ARE COMING BACK! That’s right! You can now stop getting fat on cheap knockoffs, and start back on the right foot, getting fat on the actual thing! So isn’t it great you spent  $50,000 on that Twinkie The Kid lunchbox! Hey well with the money you still have you can buy some of the Twinkies. Now we know the Zombieland movie could become a true story once again! Well I would like to dedicate a song to these Twinkies.

Sanjay And Craig

Dude-Snake Friendship You Can’t Break

Sanjay And Craig

One’s The Leader Of These Guys

Sanjay And Craig

One’s The Master Of Disguise

Sanjay And Craig

The Sweetest Dudes Alive

Crash And Burn High Stakes High Five!

Sanjay And Craig

They’re In The Best Friends Hall Of Fame!

Sanjay And Craig

There Is No Best Friends Hall Of Fame!

They Made It Up!

Okay so it didn’t have a thing to do with Twinkies! But it was a cool theme song! Too bad the show it goes with isn’t so cool. Now I’m not saying it was bad, but it definitely wasn’t good. You get this weird feeling where you don’t know if you hated what you just watched or enjoyed it. It had so much potential! They promoted it every 10 seconds. THAT. IS NOT. A JOKE. Nickelodeon interrupted their own tv shows to air commercials for this show. What network would do that?! I mean the show would have to be the best show on the air to get that treatment, and Sanjay and Craig most certainly is not.

2/5 Butt Jokes

That’s all for now, see ya Monday!

Okay, of course that’s not the end I didn’t just make this to tell you that a sweet yellow cake made out of horrifying chemicals is coming back and to complain about kids shows, here’s today’s caption free pictures!



Nick's Ratings

I <3 Saturdays: There's Plenty Of Fitch In The Sea

Well its official. Kids think radio is uncool. Everyone at my school declares radio to be uncool. Well you know what this means. Radio can’t shop at Abercrombie And Fitch. So if you have been living under a rock lately, which if you do that’s okay, rocks are pretty cool, Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Wazowski err… Mike Jeffries rather, has experienced a major backlash when some random bored person found a 2006 article in Salon has a quote from him that reads: “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny.” Strangely enough, he states that they don’t label people in that same article. But why is this just becoming an issue now? BECAUSE IT WAS IN STINKIN’ SALON! Seriously, does anybody read that? Well anyway, Magic Mike apologized sort of and here it is: “I want to address some of my comments that have been circulating from a 2006 interview. While I believe this 7 year old, resurrected quote has been taken out of context, I sincerely regret that my choice of words was interpreted in a manner that has caused offense. A&F is an aspirational brand that, like most specialty apparel brands, targets its marketing at a particular segment of customers. However, we care about the broader communities in which we operate and are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. We hire good people who share these values. We are completely opposed to any discrimination, bullying, derogatory characterizations or other anti-social behavior based on race, gender, body type or other individual characteristics.” So basically he’s sorry that people got upset but still says they only target a certain type of people. Thanks for that lad. So if you can see I don’t really care for Mikey too much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and everything, but just not my favorite. Oh, whoops! Wrong Mike. I consider myself to be overweight.  And when this man insults me and my obese homies, I get upset. You see, I try to lose weight but I just can’t. So you see, I’m a living Mount Everest and I’m okay with that. Now that you’ve skipped over  read this paragraph, let’s move on to some funny pictures, all dealing with a certain clothing store….I swear I was just think about it….ah that’s right..Kohl’s….no….ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH! DUH!

Abercrombie And Fitch


Just hope that cat’s not Garfield.

Abercrombie And Fitch 2


Abercrombie And Fitch 3


I actually get my clothes at J-Wowlmart.



See ya Monday!

Friday Night Fever: Iron Man Edition

When we last left our hero, he was fooling everybody with an April Fool’s day prank. But now much trouble has occurred! For you see, he promised he would be back that following Friday. It took him over 30 Days to post again. But he has returned, and is more mediocre than ever. He is Purplehuskyman.

Hey! What’s up everybody? A lot has happened since I last posted. He found out a secret which changed his life forever: HATE bowling. I mean I absolutely DESPISE IT! There is no sport I hate more than bowling. I can’t do anything in it. I can’t keep score- Wait was that a strike? Was that a spare? Did they get that last frame?  Wait so they got 3 strikes in a row so I add it in that frame and the next and the….what? What do you call 3 in a row anyway? A TURKEY! What kind of a name is that?! Did they just run out of sports terms so they picked something random! WHAT IS THIS? But I especially cant..well BOWL! Well I mean I can but it goes in the gutter. Oh and speaking of things that start with the letter B (wow that was a horrible way to connect these two things) I also HATE bullying. Now I know this a humor blog, but it’s been increasing GREATLY in my school lately. I MEAN HUGELY! It just won’t be stopped. I know bullying will never end (there’s always gonna be someone out there who feels the need to harass you) but this is just getting ridiculous. If you’ve been bullied or are a bystander. Speak up. It does make a difference. If you are a bully, stop. Please. If you’re doing it because you have self esteem issues, just know that you are special and don’t let things bring you down. If they bullied you, don’t take revenge. That’s gonna make it worse. But enough about school life, let’s talk about other very important subjects, like television! Hey, the Teen Titans are back on television in the new show The Powerpuff Titans and…oh sorry I meant Teen Titans Go! Now this show gets WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much  hate. Now I understand if you hate the new show. Especially if for over 8 years you asked for the show to get a sixth season and this is what you got.  But it’s not something you need to death threat the creators over. It also does feel a little bit like a cash in. And speaking of superheroes and cash-ins Iron Man 3 opened today. In this latest film, Iron Man is trapped in the piles of money The Avengers made and must escape. Okay so that’s not the plot, but that would be a pretty interesting flick to see. So in honor of America’s 3rd favorite superhero (after Spider Man and Batman) I say we pay this edition of Friday Night Fever to him!

Jar of dirt




Literal Iron Man


See you later!