Sunday Funday: Back In Action?

Does anyone remember me? Probably not. Allow me to get reacquainted with you all, I am Purple Huskyman. For a little while, I was posting on this humor blog like crazy!  Whether it was an article full of one liners, a new page mocking pop culture, or some funny photos I wanted to share, it would be on this blog. But then one day, I just sort of..stopped. I don’t really know why, and I kept constantly reminding myself “Okay, I’ll post today!” but then I…didn’t. I know this sounds like the lamest excuse ever because it is. But now I’d like to get back on track, that is if anybody cares. So let’s give this another whirl! Here are some fun pics from all corners of the internet.

gym fail

The new Moron Method workout! If you want to lift a dumbbell, just pick up yourself!

2 steps


Tht’s a srious brn! But really, people actually talk like that. I mean, text speak, I know. But that’s just too much!


Well, I guess I’ll give this blog another go! See you tomorrow!!!





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