I <3 Saturdays: Twinkies: Ressurection/Sanjay And Craig review

HALLELUJAH!  HALLELUJAH!The cripple can walk! The deaf can see (Yea, so that may not help any but…) and the lame can talk! But how? Why? Where? Who? When? Really? TWINKIES ARE COMING BACK! That’s right! You can now stop getting fat on cheap knockoffs, and start back on the right foot, getting fat on the actual thing! So isn’t it great you spent  $50,000 on that Twinkie The Kid lunchbox! Hey well with the money you still have you can buy some of the Twinkies. Now we know the Zombieland movie could become a true story once again! Well I would like to dedicate a song to these Twinkies.

Sanjay And Craig

Dude-Snake Friendship You Can’t Break

Sanjay And Craig

One’s The Leader Of These Guys

Sanjay And Craig

One’s The Master Of Disguise

Sanjay And Craig

The Sweetest Dudes Alive

Crash And Burn High Stakes High Five!

Sanjay And Craig

They’re In The Best Friends Hall Of Fame!

Sanjay And Craig

There Is No Best Friends Hall Of Fame!

They Made It Up!

Okay so it didn’t have a thing to do with Twinkies! But it was a cool theme song! Too bad the show it goes with isn’t so cool. Now I’m not saying it was bad, but it definitely wasn’t good. You get this weird feeling where you don’t know if you hated what you just watched or enjoyed it. It had so much potential! They promoted it every 10 seconds. THAT. IS NOT. A JOKE. Nickelodeon interrupted their own tv shows to air commercials for this show. What network would do that?! I mean the show would have to be the best show on the air to get that treatment, and Sanjay and Craig most certainly is not.

2/5 Butt Jokes

That’s all for now, see ya Monday!

Okay, of course that’s not the end I didn’t just make this to tell you that a sweet yellow cake made out of horrifying chemicals is coming back and to complain about kids shows, here’s today’s caption free pictures!



Nick's Ratings



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