The End Of The Road

Well, I did some debating over the weekend, and I’ve decided to officially quit this website. But why you may ask? Well, I have a few reasons that I’ll list but first I would like to thank everybody who supported, viewed, and laughed at that website. I’m happy I made it this far.

  1. Too time consuming, which I guess I should expect since it’s a time wasting website. But I have so many other things to do, and it was hard to juggle blogging and stress at the same time.
  2. I just got bored after a while. I just kept doing the same thing over and over and that got annoying.
  3. It got hard finding pictures. There’s only so many funny family friendly pictures you can find out there.
  4. Was it even that funny? I can tell you I sure didn’t think so.
  5. Not enough support. Did anybody even care that I was posting?

So there you go. I would like to thank you again. The site will still be up there just won’t be any new posts.

– Purple Huskyman (creator of Just Another Time Wasting Website)

-Steve (official site mascot)

-The rest of our staff (they couldn’t be here but I know they’d say bye too)












































Gotcha! I won’t be able to post today because I have things to do, but I’ll be here Friday. See ya then.


3 thoughts on “The End Of The Road

  1. Oh. My god. Oh my. Ooh. My. GAAAWD. Before clicking the bookmark here I thought: “Hmm. Maybe I should tell Huskyman why he shouldn’t stop blogging.” because I had the feeling you were about to. And when I came on, I had some freaking HEART ATTACK. That last sentence just saved my life! But seriously, don’t stop! You got something going here! I mean, I come here to waste time! Even the “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat” woman comes here! DONT STAWP THINKING ABOUT TOMOORROOW


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