Monday Madness: Cough Drop It Like It’s Hot

Well, I haven’t posted for a while. Why? I’ve been very sick. How? I’m tired pretty much all the time, I’ve been getting lots of headaches, I have a stuffy nose, I get cold at random times, and worst of all, I have this annoying cough that won’t go away! So as I was feeling bad, some things happened. The Harlem Shake has became a big thing. So, good for that. Also at a One Direction concert, someone threw a shoe at Harry Styles. Harry’s looking for who did it, while Taylor Swift’s looking for another shoe. What else? Survivor got its lowest ratings EVER. You can tell because the immunity challenge was “come up with a better reality show”.  The Oscars happened as well. There was an In Memoriam of Seth MacFarlane. Les Miserables got lots of nominations, and it deserved them. After all,  it made us truly think about slavery, because we all felt like slaves hearing Russel Crowe sing. Anyway that’s all over and now we can look forward to an even BIGGER awards show coming up….The Kids Choice Awards. Well as I’ve mentioned, I’m really not feeling well, so here’s what you came for, unless you’re new here, in that case WELCOME!

I'm A CAT!


YOLNT (You Only Live Nine Times)





Perhaps not the best ad campaign for Fish McBites.


Well see you FRIDAY for the epic return of Friday Night Fever. Hope I’m better by then.






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