Time Wasting Bowl Part 4: And Now………………

“Hello and welcome back to our play by play coverage of The First Annual Time Wasting Bowl! Things are getting quite intense here! My friend and cousin, Elizabeth, has a very comedic mind. So I thought I’d share with you some of her jokes! Is that cool with you? Good, I hoped so!”

If, according to One Direction, what makes me beautiful is that I don’t know I’m beautiful, then once they tell me I’m beautiful, does that mean I’m no longer beautiful?

Justin Bieber…hosting…SNL? Are we sure the world didn’t end in 2012?

Kristen Stewart is going to be starring in a comedy movie. The movie must have to go over budget to hire an acting coach to teach her to smile.

Furbies now come with the feature of either “good” eyes or “evil” eyes. If you mistreat your Furby it gets “evil” eyes. If you treat it well it will get “good” eyes. Honestly, it does not make me comfortable that the Furby reboot is even more “alive” than the original.

Some parent named their child “Hashtag” in honor of Twitter.


The new Furby motto is: “A mind of their own.”
I knew it.

What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An Investigator!


“Stay tuned for more live play by play coverage of the Time Wasting Bowl!”



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