Monday Madness: 2 Hour Delay……NO WAY!

Hey! Happy Monday everyone! Although it wasn’t a happy morning for me. My school was the only school in the county not to have a 2 hour delay!!!! Which is extra disappointing because I stayed up watching the WWE Royal Rumble last night. Just kidding! Pay Per View, taking dollars from me and you!- A Purple Huskyman original poem Anyway, I heard though that Cena won 2013 Royal Rumble. THAT WASN’T PREDICTABLE AT ALL!!!! *cough* sarcasm *cough*. Well since I didn’t watch it because it was Pay Per View, I don’t really have much on the subject, but I do have John Cena joke. Okay so get ready for this: Q: What did John Cena tell the Japanese Chef? A: You can’t Sashimi! *NOT THOUGHT OF BY ME! Another big thing going on right now are rumors that Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem at Obama’s Inauguration. Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams actually defended Beyonce though, but it’s surprising she’d had the time to speak out since she is spending her day trying to get on Dancing With The Stars. *ALSO NOT THOUGHT OF BY ME! Lindsey Lohan actually turned down being on Dancing With The Stars this season, probably because she’s somebody people have actually heard of! Well enough chit-chat, it’s time for what you came here for, FUNNY PICTURES!


Is American Idol on tonight? Or is that tomorrow? Wow, you know this post is going downhill when I’m not even coming up with a caption and instead wondering what’s on TV tonight!


Well, that’s not exactly the Google Chrome logo but they probably had to change it so nobody would find out they were the ones who made it! But alas, the code has been cracked!


That’s some Cartoon logic for you!

Alright well before we go there’s something I wanna discuss that I briefly mentioned on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday will be the first annual Time Wasting Bowl! But what is this Time Wasting Bowl you ask? Well on Saturday, in honor of the Super Bowl the next day,  in the evening it’s the I ❤ Saturdays Time Wasting Bowl Team LOLcats VS  Team Graphjam with a special half time performance by Kanye West. Plus a whole day of posts, page updates, and football jokes! You WON’T wanna miss this. So join us for that!



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