I <3 Saturdays: Appy Birthday!

Before we begin this episode of I ❤ Saturdays I’d just like to share a joke my friend (we will just refer to her as AllyT on here) came up with. Now AllyT is a very creative, comical person. And she just posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

Dear Bullies: If your so cool then why don’t you have a candy named after you???
-Sincerely, Nerds

All I can say is, good one AllyT, good one.

And now to begin our episode of I ❤ Saturdays:


Hey! Happy Saturday, everyone. Ah, ya see what I did there, I took your Saturday and I made it happy. Speaking of Happy, on Thursday, it was Apple’s iPhone’s birthday. I hear it was a fantastic party, sadly though Flash couldn’t make it. But oh well.  Hey now that I think about it my girlfriend is like an iPhone 5; I don’t have an iPhone 5. Wow, an iPhone’s screen is brighter than my future! But seriously, those screens are bright. I turned my iPhone 4S’s screen all the way up for brightness, and I had a nice tan! Those iPhone screens are so bright, even (DATED REFERENCE ALERT!) Ken Jennings is like “Whoa!’.  However, despite the iPhone’s super bright screen, my iPhone has caused a bad situation for me. It caused me to fail my Geography test. You see, I cheated and used iOS 6 Maps! The bad maps aside, the iPhone is a very great phone, which is why there are so many companies that challenge it, another challenge for it, making a call! Anyways, the one thing that’s really popular on the iPhone are the apps! You see kids, the App Store is a magical place where birds kill pigs and you spell things with your pals! These apps are so popular, some memes are surfacing around the internet! I have handpicked some of the best!



Darn…what about Fruit Ninja?



Aw man! I guess I’ll just play Cut The Rope instead!

words with friends


Don’t you hate when you addictions inter-fer with each other!

See ya Monday everybody!



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