Monday Madness: Hockey Hoedown!

It’s 2013!!! Many people think this will be a bad year because it has the year 13 in it. But right now Hockey fans sure don’t think so. The NHL lockout is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . The Hockey lockout had many fans very upset, Gary Bettman doing what a Gary Bettman does; make bad decisions, and players being as equally upset as the fans, okay, well maybe not that upset, but still pretty upset. I honestly don’t really have much on the subject because I don’t watch the NHL that much. I usually like watching local teams and stuff like that. But I occasionally will watch it on TV. What I noticed over the lockout though is the numerous memes that came out during the lockout. So I thought before these memes become terribly outdated, let’s take a look back on some of the best ones. But first it is customary to sing the official NHL lockout anthem:

I remember when you broke up the first time

Players and the owners had enough

’cause you were only making like a billion bucks

But you said something about cap space (What?)

Then you come around again and say

Maybe we’ll play another 80-something games

Trust me, remember how you hardly even played?

I said I love you, you broke up, you lockout, I hate you


Boo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh you called your season off last night

Boo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh this time, I’m wonderin’, I’m wonderin’


Are you ever, ever, ever, getting back together?

Are you ever, ever, ever, getting back together?

You go talk to players, talk to Bettman, talk to Steve (Who’s Steve?)

Are you ever, ever, ever, ever, getting back together?


Like, ever?


Alright now let the memes begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here’s an old classic.

Gary Bettman


Gee I can’t wait to play this mode!




Now I’d go see this movie!


See ya Saturday everyone!



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