I <3 Saturdays: Apocalypse Now…Or 20 Days From Now


Okay so I know the movie Apocalypse Now has nothing to do with the real Apocalypse, but ya know. Anyway, it was a huge, HUGE, topic in 2009, created a couple movies and now that it’s getting closer, the topic is beginning to be discussed again, I am of course talking about the 2012 Conspiracy, where because the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, people think that the Mayans were assuming the world would end and they believe their so called “prediction”. I don’t really believe any of it but if you do, hey then well you do. We just don’t see eye to eye, that’s cool! So for a while I’ll probably be making numerous Apocalyptic Jokes and references until then. But I’m not the only one! Everyone is making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow! (Joke Credit: Anna Savage) Well let’s jump right into this edition of I ❤ Saturdays.

Not an UsPod


HEY! SNL tonight is the rerun with Daniel Craig and Muse. SNL stands for Saturday Night Live. There is mild sexual humor and language, so please remember that before sitting at 11:29 at night with the family for some good ol’ quality time.

Microsoft Skype


That’s not the Bill Gates way, John!




Well folks, remember there’s only 20 more days left!



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