I <3 Saturdays: Twilight & Twinkies


Some sad news, Hostess, the creators of such products as Twinkies, Zingers, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs and other stupid named products, has filed for bankruptcy. What will we do????? This may lead us to eat..dare I say it…OFF BRAND TWINKIES! Can you believe it? This is not a good year for sweets, first Mike And Ike split up, then Twix splits into two separate companies, Left Twix and Right Twix, and now this!


Speaking of the end, the final Twilight movie is now out! It has everything you know and love, Kristen Stewart’s WIDE range of EMOTIONS! A FULLY CLOTHED Taylor Lautner. And the totally NON SPARKLY Robert Pattinson!


Belong TO me now! Seriously, go back to school you meme!


Really Bella? I would’ve never guessed!

Now we’ve poked fun at Kristen and Rob, but now it’s time to show someone who shouldn’t be mocked, TAYLOR Lautner!



The world will end because of Twinkies!

Some Memes need to go back to school!

Kristen Stewart is very smart!

In conclusion, have a great Twinkieless, fangirl stealing, Saturday!



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