VOTE 2012-Let your voice be heard!


Well the wait is finally over…….the first post of November!!!!!! No but today’s a very important day…it’s….of course…3 days after my birthday! But besides involves something to do with an election…today……is….the day Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Of course I know what today is! Today is November 6th. But it’s also…….ELECTION NIGHT!!! That’s right tonight we elect our president. The candidates are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. If you haven’t heard those names it cozy under that rock? I don’t know which one to vote for because I only caught the end of the show when Ryan Seacrest was saying good night! Tomorrow’s a very important day as well, it’s when all these political ads end!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! And let’s be honest, no matter what candidate wins, the ending of attack ads is the true victory in this. Well, I gotta get going, I have some food to eat, so good night!



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