I have some bad news. I’ve came down with a bad case of the Friday Night Fever! LOL! So, how was your day? Really?! That’s good and/or bad depending on whatever the heck you said. Today at my school we had a fire drill! Ah, a fire drill, because blaring loud alarms make us want to get in a single file line and be quiet. Well what else? Oh, you know what has been annoying me lately. Those posts on Facebook. You know the ones…. “Like My Status or else tonight at midnight, the evil ninja king will come at 3:00 am. If you do like this though, you’ll save this sick boy in the hospital, because the doctor says he can only get paid in lieks, it is so sad,  so share this if you breathe and stuff”.  Sorry if anybody reading this does this, but it just really bugs me. Well I’m sure you didn’t come to read my Facebook rant and if you did, well good for you, but for the 99.9% that is expecting funny pics, here ya go!

Funny because it’s true!

Poor Ms. Pacman! I hope she gets straightened up!

HAYYYYYYY!!! How ya doin’?!

I believe he used this same technique on Selena Gomez. The only difference is  since she’s a wizard, she turned it into a brand new car! Man! Justin Bieber has really changed. I still remember 4 years ago, when he was a 14 year old girl singing on YouTube.

And now a new feature to Friday Night Fever

Bad Advice Cat’s Advice Column

Where a cat gives you life advice..

Alright,well I suppose I should rap it up. See ya next Friday!



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