Are You SIRI-ous

Have you guys (and girls) heard of the thing called Siri. It’s that personal assistant thingy built into the iPhone 4S. The name varies depending on what country you live in. In some it’s a female named Siri, in others it’s a male named Daniel, you just don’t know. Anyway, I went to the Apple store to try it out today. It was fun, except people kept changing the name on it, I kept trying different ones to see how the cell phone providers were, the best was probably either At&t or Verizon, but because of that each phone the name kept changing, one time I was Rock God, one time I was Godzilla, the other two times I can’t repeat the name because this is a family friendly, it turns out I’m not the only one that’s had some weird conversations with Siri. Here are a few other strange Siri conversations! Here are links to them

NOTE: All of the conversations below are fake and made by me using a fake Siri conversation generator!












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