I have some bad news. I’ve came down with a case of the Friday Night Fever. LOL! Today’s the premiere of the new Batman movie. Now I would be giving you that movie review and the whole shabang. BUT I DON’T THINK I WILL AFTER ALL! Because that plan got canceled! D: Oh hey that reminds me, I saw The Amazing Spiderman a few weeks ago and I still have to write about that. So maybe it was a good thing it got canceled today. But it’s NOT because it’s Batman! It’s so bad it got canceled today. SO BAD! Eh I’ll vent later. Anyway there’s a huge controversy with this new Batman movie. There’s this whole big thing that the villains name is Bane. And presidential candidate Mitt Romney worked for Bain Capitol. First off, they’re not even spelled the same, and second of all Bane was in the comics and has been there since 1993, way before anyone gave a care about Mitt Romney. Now I’m not anti-Conservative or anything like that. But I just think that sometimes people over read into things. Well for all of you who haven’t fallen asleep yet, how’s it going? OH. MY. GOSH. IT’S THE BAT SIGNAL! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!

We had to get the plutonium to get the gigabats that were necessary.

Ah Robin, whatever happened to him.

Then next comes The Word Searcher.

I wanna go to that barber shop!

Alright well that’s all good night.



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