Sunday Funday

Sorry for not posting for the past 2 days, I’ve just been really busy lately. Anyway to make it up to you I am going to give you a Sunday Funday, update It’s All An Illusion, and try to update What I’ve Learned From Movies, AND try to add one new page. So there ya go America, ya happy.

Looks like his plans on going out to Applebees with Jimmy are FRIED. His plans sure got scrambled around. But seriously right now there is no sunny side up to this.

Haha. Speaking of internet:

Your computer is talking smack to you. It’s like when you tell your iPhone 4S “Can you give me the weather?” And then Siri is like “No”. My iPad actually did that once, it said “You have uploaded too many pictures too fast, you are banned from image uploading for a minimum of 2 days.” That’s not a joke it really did do that.








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