The World’s Reaction To Steve Leaving

You know, I didn’t think anyone really cared about Steve being gone, but now I realize I was wrong. Check out these people’s posts from around the worlds blog posts.

Here’s one from http://www.iwillforeverbeobsessedwithmusic.numbers.not


Posted by KatieQ23958693-250gjri!RJF03069859899298475847676989384976489593893578947-=`=5939486767…40304JD9-39489857

WHY STEVE?! WHY?! Why did you fly away?! WHY?! I can’t believe you left! Oh how heroes fall! How heroes fall! I will never forget when you confused to for two. OH HOW HEROES FALL!

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Here’s one from http://www.what’shappeningtoday,tommorow,yesterday,wednesday,boxingday,davedays,



A little bird named Steve has gone missing: here’s a picture of him:

If you see this bird please contact him immediately!

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Here’s one from whyyesiwilltakeanothercupofcoffee.blogland.coooooooooooooooooooooom


Posted by littlejohnnybrokehisthumbandisgettingabandaidoutofthedrawerandnowjuststubbedhistoesoooooooooooooo….

A bird named Steve has flew away.











WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And finally one from myhardlife.knockknock.whosthere


Posted by Iwillmakeyoucrylikealittlesquirrelwhocantfindhisacornsohehastosettleforabiscuit

Steve has officially left. No sign on where he is. I am literally crying my nose out, because as you know from a few posts back I’ve been diagnosed with a rare disease where my eye functions function through my nose. Anyway, Steve gave me hope that if a bird could have such strong feelings for pizza I could do anything. I don’t know what life means anymore. I just wish the best to Steve and would like to tell him I’ve lost everything I saw in him. I going to go to bed now because as you know I told you in a few posts back I’ve developed a rare disease where I can’t type a post about things that aren’t food for more than six lines or else I’ll have an allergic reaction and right now I’m on my fifth. So I’ll leave it at that.

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