Upcoming Board Game Movies

WAIT A MINUTE! I thought you said you wouldn’t be posting. Well see, I have an iPad. But I don’t know how to upload pics onto wordpress with an iPad. So I might post some good book titles and such but not much. Well, anyway board game movies are becoming quite the thing right now. They just released Battleship, and Candyland and Monopoly are already in the works. Here are also some other upcoming board game film adaptations.

ALL 100% FAKE (for now).

Hasbro’s Twister
Tagline: The most twisted thing in life is LOVE.
Plot summary:
They had to call this Hasbro’s Twister since there’s already a movie called Twister. Anyway, in Hasbro’s Twister, Samantha Peters (Taylor Swift) is a world proffessional gymnast. She trained herself using the Twister method, an illegal way of training using a mat with colored dots all over and a machine that reveals every move needed for the next competition. Now the police (Zac Efron)are hot on her tail. But when he accidentally falls in love with her, can he still arrest her? Or will love overpower it?

Crocodile Dentist
Tagline: Get ready to croc
Plot summary:
Dr. Maxwell C. Gator is presented a crocodile with a cavity. The problem is, Maxwell has been a vet for only two days. Can he cure the crocodile or will the crocodile bite him in the process

Connect Four
Tagline:Two’s company, Three’s a crowd, Four’s a family
Plot summary:
May June-July August and November October-September August and their two kids are a very dysfunctional family. So they try to move their rooms closer together. They try to put them across in a row. Diagonal row. Above each other. And strangely enough, each way brings them closer, but each time the floor gets damaged. SPOILER ALERT:Their dog dies.

Guess Who?
Plot summary:
Jake Jackson (Nicolas Cage)is a stalker. No doubt about it. He asks people questions online and words it like a child. The worst part is, they answer. But one man turns the tables, and a brutal war.

Don’t Break The Ice
Tagline: Chill.
Plot summary:
Scientists that are studying Antartica find something disturbing beneath the ice. An
unidentified creature lives under the ice. And it’s
going to show those scientists that they should have never broke the


Tagline: The last straw
Plot summary:
A new device made of straws promises to be good. But it soon becomes evil. Four people take the straws out, but if the whole thing collapses, the company is ready to kill.

Tagline: It’s anything but cheesi.
Plot summary:
It’s the year 2055 and Indian royalty are obsessed with capturing ancient game pieces.

That’s all folks!



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