I’m bored and I found a whole bunch of awesome pics and can’t wait to show them on Friday, SO I NEED TO SHOW THEM NOW! By the way, Friday will be my last Friday Night Fever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FOR A WEEK! Ha. Did I scare you at first. I’m going on vacation. And if you think no Friday Night Fever for a week is bad, then you’ll really hate this: NO I ❤ Saturdays FOR A WHOLE TWO WEEKS?! What will we do without each other. So I’m trying to post as much junk as I can before then….

Doggone it! I hate when that happens.

Just your average american family: The pet- A dog who totally doesn’t look like he’s gonna bite your face off at all, the husband and wife- Husband, who’s smiling for the camera, Wife, who doesn’t resemble a fish whatsoever. And a little girl hiding up in the corner of the stair case.

OOH! You better take that one back or else Chuck Norris will be coming after you.

VROOM! VROOM! VROOM! Good evening race car fans…let’s check on the car sponsored by Purina…


That’s all folks….


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