I <3 Saturdays: EARLY EDITION

SATURDAY! SATURDAY! SATURDAY! Well today I’m posting this at 11:07!

And if that surprised you wait until you hear this:


I know! It’s hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday this website was brand new! I’d like to thank everybody who’s visited so far! Now you’re probably wondering “why do you always do that thing where you take a female celebrity acting surprised?” I mean you’ve done all the females, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and now you just did Jennifer Lawrence, and you also did another female, Justin Bieber. LOL! I’m kidding. I’m kidding.  Ah, I may have just lost a few people who visit this website. But why do I do that? Because there are females out there who show surprise. And I thought, why not incorporate a photo of what I hoped your face looked like when you heard I was this close to so and so hits. Or I had so and so hits. BUT NOW I KNOW YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME! OR ELSE YOU WOULDN’T ASK SUCH QUESTION! THAT’S IT! OUR RELATIONSHIP IS THROUGH!

Hey SNL tonight! It’s the one with Maya Rudolph and Sleigh Bells. So  it will probably be as good as the first time!

Nice hat!

Now if you’re a blonde, no offense:

But c’mon blondes, don’t tell me you didn’t crack a smile! Ah great, I just offended more people.


Why do I strangely find myself wanting to throw this at a hot dog cart?

No comment…


I have an obsession with surprised expressions on peoples face!

Barely anybody knows the lyrics to YMCA besides, YMCA!

Frogs make good hats!

Never tell a baby the deep dark secret about peekaboo!

I wanna throw Angry Bird pizza at hot dog carts!

3:13 is the time of royalty!

  In conclusion, have a good Surprised People SNL’s A Rerun Frog Hat Peekaboo Angry Bird Pizza 3:13 Saturday!



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