I have some bad news. I’ve came down with a bad case of the Friday Night Fever. LOL!  POLKA DOT! POLKA DOT! POLKA DOT! AFRO! Ah, great song! Well by my singing you either thought “CREEPER!” or you thought “Oh yea, Madagascar 3 does come out today!!!” And I’ll be seeing it in just a couple of hours actually. REVIEW COMING TODAY OR TOMORROW! HOORAY FOR MOVIE REVIEWS! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!


Hey, at least he got the answer right.

This next bit you’ll only get if you read the Hunger Games:

Hey fellow Panem residents! Are you tired of always being afraid of talking to your crush? Well if so, then if so here are some great pick up lines for you to deliver to your crush!

  • Girl, your on FIRE!
  • I’d eat poisonous berries for you!
  • I’d love to see you again, can I get your smoke signal?
  • You don’t look a day over 11!
  • Are you tracker jacker venom? Because you drive me crazy!
  • I’d never start a rebellion against you! (I made that one up!)
  • You’re eyes Glimmer. (I made that one up too!)
  • I hear your single. Is it alright if I volunteer as a tribute.
  • What are my odds of being in your favor?
  • Are you a muttation? because you’re way to beautiful to be a human?
  • I love you more than Effie loves manners.
  • I want to be like Katniss’ Mockingjay pin. Close to your heart!
  • Hey cutie, is that Cupid’s arrow in your bow, oh no! WAIT! DON’T! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

So remember, no matter what your district, these are sure to get a relationship sparking and you will be very happy together, of course until the day of the reaping…..


-The Capitol People

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