More Board Game Movies

Yesterday, I showed some upcoming board game movie adaptions but that wasn’t all!!!!! No there’s many more board game movies in store….


SIMON (2013)

Plot Summary:

Peter Peters (James Franco) and Julia Jitters (Angelina Jolie) are your typical husband and wife/couple are visited by Brush, a robot who must find a device known as S.I.M.O.N who will test the holder’s intelligence and if they succeed the test they will receive strength but if they don’t then they will die.

Excerpt from the film’s script:
BRUSH: Did Simon flash red, or blue?

PETER: Neither, it was green!

JULIA: No, he flashed yellow!

SIMON: I’m waiting.



Plot Summary:

Similar to The Hunger Games, set in a future land ran by Hippopotamuses, once a year one hippo from each tribe, the orange tribe, the green tribe, the pink tribe, and the yellow tribe, will be placed in a stadium with one bit of food and are forced to fight to get it. But they can’t just get it themselves. Using the help of the hands, they will be able to get that food.

Excerpt from the film’s script:

Pink: I almost have it!

Orange: No I do!

(Pink and Orange suddenly get yanked back!)

Spectator: Remember governments rules, NO ARGUING!

Pink and Orange: UGGHHH


Plot Summary:

4 people have been held hostage at an abandoned movie theater and the only way to get out is to guess what movie they’re watching.

CRANIUM (2015)

Plot Summary:

Sculptor/sketcher/actor/detective/language arts teacher Harrison Phillips (Steve Martin) has been officially claimed the world’s smartest man. But his intellect is soon tested by a group know as Cranium which consists of Creative Cat (voiced by Adam Sandler) Star Performer (voiced by Katy Perry) Data Head (voiced by Wayne Brady) and Word Worm (voiced by Jimmy Fallon). Soon Harrison finds himself in an arena where he must show all of his talents.

Excerpt from the script:

Creative Cat: You can do this, I have faith..(whisper to Data Head) He’ll never be able to do this.

Star Performer: I believe in you!!!

Harrison: I believe in me too!

TROUBLE (2015)

Plot Summary:

The police (Will Smith and Andy Samberg)  have introduce a new kind of punishment called The Trouble Bubble. They’ll take criminals (Jennifer Lopez, Tim Curry, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron) and trap them in a plastic bubble, and occasionally they’ll pop down on the bubble so that the prisoners flip around, just for the police’s own amusement. But the U.S. soon retaliates against this new punishment and tries immediately to destroy it, now its the nation versus the cops.

Excerpt from the script

CRIMINAL #1 (J-LO): Ugh! I want out!



Plot Summary:
Christopher Welsh (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a world famous surgeon. But a patient soon comes along that may be a little too hard to handle. Can he cure the patient of all of his diseases, or will the patient have to die?

Excerpt from the script:
CHRISTOPHER: Oh no! You have more diseases than Heinz has Pickles!

PATIENT: Yea, yea, please just cure me.

CHRISTOPHER: I don’t think it’s gonna  be that easy! There’s no medication for this. We’re gonna have to take deeper measures!

PATIENT: What do you mean?

CHRISTOPHER: An operation.

(The opening titles come on)



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