More Great Reads

Call me a nerd, but I love reading. Right now, I’m working on reading The Hunger Games series. It’s really good so far. Here are some other great books I’ve read that were also really good! NOTE: NONE OF THESE BOOKS ARE REAL AND ARE ALL A PLAY ON WORDS

The Asian American  Cuisine Lover’s Recipe Guide by Terry Yaki And Sue Shi

The 50 Yard Candle Jump by Jack B. Nimble

The Summer I Couldn’t Stop Blushing by Rosie Cheeks

Crocodile Encounter by Ali Gator

The Donor That Saved My Life by Drew Blood

The Song That Got Stuck Inside My Head For Two Years by Yoo Belon Gwithme

Flipping And Tumbling by Jim Nastics

Chicken Soup For The Steak Lover’s Soul by T Bone

Happy New Year! by Mary Christmas

A Game Of Hide And Go Seek by I. C. Yoo

Vacation Location by Sandy Beaches

If Housework Could Kill by Dustin Cook

I Was Framed! by Gil Tee

The Myth Of The Hope Diamond by Jules Sparkle

If I Invited Him by Woody Kum

It’s Unfair by Y. Me

Old Furniture by Anne Teek

The Complete Guide To Jewish Holidays by Hannah Kuh

When My Pet Frog Was Young by Tad Pole

America Before Cars by Orson Buggy

Good Luck by Bess Twishes

A Girl From Chicago by Wendy City

Get Your Mardi Gras On! by Louis Ianna

Classic Rock Songs by Johnny B. Goode

Not So Hot! by Luke Warm

No Need For Reality by Jason Rainbows

The Cook-Out That Changed Everything Between Us by Barbie Cue

Playing With Fire by Yule B. Sari

The Party By Jill Out

The Real Deal: The Pilgrim Voyage by May Flower

Skunked by P. Yew

Home Of The Liberty Bell by Phil E. Delphia

The Big Wave by Sue Nami

The Twelfth Month by Dee Sember

Unattended by Marcus Absent

We Take Credit Cards But, by Cassius Better

Ick! by Artie Choke

Who Dunnit? by Howard I. Kno

Wind In The Maple Tree by Russel Indaleaves

Drip Drop by Lee Kee Fawcett

Sweet by Mable Syrup

LAUGH OUT LOUD by Vara Funny



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