Some Great Reads

Math is hard for me. I don’t understand Health. Science confuses me. Social Studies I don’t pay enough attention to. But one of the few things I’m good at in school is Reading. Here are some books that I recently read that I would  recommend, NOTE: None of these books are real, they’re all a play on words!

The Cliff Tragedy By Eileen Dover

101 Sightings Of Ghosts By Sue Pernatural

The Color Of Eggs By Summer Brown

The Purpose Of A Chair By Sid Down

How To Get Taller By Stan Dup

A Broken Window By Eva Brick

Walking To School By Mr Bus

The Ghost In The Attic By Howie Wales

The Funny Bone By Hue Morris

The Door That Won’t Open By Paul Harder

The Crime Is Solved By Dee Eneigh

Confidence By Yu Kandoit

Astrology Is The Answer By Starr Powers

The Home Of The Big Mac By Lotta Hamberger

Robot Invasion 3000 By Anne Droid

The Downpour By Wayne Drops

The Falling Trees By Tim Burr

The Crowd By Morris Merrier

Surviving The Shock By Alec Tricity

The Disappearance  By Otto Sight

My Public School Education By Ken Hardly Reed

Jumping The Cliff By Willie Makkit (Foreword By Betty Wont)

In My Soup By A. Crouton

Resemblances By Yuri Mindme

The Tragic Story Of The Teenage Boy That Can’t Spit By Tryden Dribbled

The Winner Of The Lottery By Ms. Yer Chance

The Happy Housewife By Igotta Maid

Txt By Stve Hwkns

The First Day Of Christmas By Patridgina Peartree

The Haunted House By Hugo First

Spoiling Your Dinner By Bud Erdbuns

Proper Speech By Graham Arr

My Life In Jail By Robin Banks

The Iguana That Wouldn’t Blend In By Sally Mander

The Complete Guide To P.E. By Jim Shorts

Late Dinner By Cindy Oven

Assistance Needed By Linda Hand

 Except for the ones with Sally Mander And Jim Shorts, I did not come up with any of these! They were all online!



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