I <3 Saturdays!

Hey there! What is up?!  OH NO!! I lost my pen! DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS:

Lost your pen = No pen
No Pen = No notes
No notes = no study
No study = Fail
Fail = no diploma
No diploma = no work
No work = no money
No money = No food
No food = Skinny
Skinny = Ugly
Ugly = no love
No love = no marrige
No marrige = No children
No children = alone
Alone = depression
Depression = Sickness
Sickness = Death

Hey! SNL Tonight: We got Mick Jagger as host and musical guest. Do I hear rooster? XD I wonder if they’ll do anything about Moves Like Jagger? O.o

And so much for a family friendly website…

I still don’t get it, clowns were supposed to be funny, why did they make them all scary and murdering and such?


Yesterday! They told us this photo shoot would go great! But now fashion has met its fate! Oh why’d they say that, Yesterday?

    Yea I’m not sure what that was either ^

All this week I’ve also had a large amount of testing in Math. So in honor of that I would like to give you an equation:


      In conclusion, have a great New SNL Lost Pen Math Test Tacos Creepy Look Killer Clown Bad Publicity Shot Saturday!



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