I <3 Saturdays

Sorry for not posting a Friday Night Fever yesterday, I went to a friend’s house to watch Poltergeist. In case you don’t have a cheesin’ clue what that is, it’s a 1982 horror film and also a horror film trilogy I just found out. I’m not exactly sure why you’d need to make a sequel to Poltergeist. It had a pretty summed up ending. Ah that kooky Hollywood! Well anyway, it’s about this family who lives in this nice house but these ghosts try to contact them through the tv. Then they also make a tree come to life, a clown come to life and more. But what gets the family really riled up is when they take their youngest daughter (Carol “They’re Here” Ann). They hire ghost hunters to see what’s going on. They state that she’s in a different dimension. Then they hire an old lady ghost hunter person (I’m bad with names okay!) and they find that the main entrance is through the closet. They then rescue Carol Ann. The mother goes in to save her and is successful! They are about to move away from this horrible, horrible house!!! HOORAY! HAPPY ENDING! Or so you thought….then they must spend one more night in their house and then…the previously mentioned alive clown, people float out of their beds to the walls and literally are driven up a wall and across the ceiling, a swimming pool of mud invaded by skeletons, and then the truth comes out of why this has been happening. Earlier in the film you found out there used to be a cemetery where the house was, but it was relocated, however, they only moved the stones and not the bodies…..


Now I won’t give away the ending because it’s just too good. I also see there’s a possible remake of this film. I don’t think this needs to be remade but….well on a totally different note, SNL: IT’S WILL FERREL’S RETURN TO SNL….for the third time. And the musical guest is Usher, better know as “the guy who discovered this kid”


That is one of my favorite SNL skits. Hope you enjoy as well!

The cat’s name: Kitten Stewart! Hey give me credit, that took like 10 minutes to come up with, I mean, this stuff doesn’t just happen people! WHOA! WAIT A MINUTE, YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I JUST FOUND……..



Once again, I say no comment.

  In conclusion, have a wonderful KSTEW DOESN’T SMILE- Electric Fence Shock-Snakes On A Plane Spoof-New SNL-Saturday Afternoon.



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