IT’S MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! You’ll never guess what I’m eating! Here’s a hint: It’s icey, it’s creamy, and it hosts its own late night talkshow………Here’s the answer:


Brilliant right!!! And no it doesn’t taste like Jimmy Fallon’s head, I see how you could think that. However, there is something weird about has chocolate covered potato chips in it. Well actually more like teeny weeny salty potato chip ball thingies smothered in chocolate and kinda looks like those little brown balls in Purina dog chow. But it’s delicious and not disgusting like I made it sound. Well there wasn’t much happening this Monday. An update on my kitten I talked about last Monday: He loves being under things. Under the couch, the chair, you name it. Actually he loves being in the dark is probably more correct. He cries when he’s in light, but when my dad turned the lights out he was silent. I don’t know why he does. Cats are crazy! Especially LOLcatz!!


See what I did there?! I turned an update about my cat into an lolcat moment!

I’m not a huge Coke drinker but I do think it has more flavor than Pepsi.

This reminds me of a parade I went to one time. The McDonalds float went by and they handed out coupons. Then after that the health department float went by and they handed out a pamphlet on fast food health facts. Now what do you think I kept? The health pamphlet or the coupons. HINT: Badabababa I’m lovin’ it!

One word: EPIC!

They were disappointed to find out they sadly weren’t on sale.

Yes but they do die by bug spray! NOW STOP GOOFING OFF AND GET IN THE CAR FIDO!

Robert Downey, Jr.: Turning from Iron Man to Bonnet Woman in just seconds.

I don’t want veggie burgers! I ordered a darn BBQ BACON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WHERE’S THE MANAGER!

Yes and wearing a meat dress: Because wearing an egg would be too silly (Oh wait! She did wear an egg)



Well that’s all I got for this Monday! Have a good week everyone!





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