I <3 Saturdays

Today..there..is..finally a new episode of Saturday Night Live. For all of you that don’t know, Saturday Night Live is an American sketch comedy show. Today is also Cinco De Mayo! It’s when we celebrate the Mexican beating the French..it’s a day of victory for Mexico and a day of defeat for france, a win for Mexico, a loss for French. Some Americans celebrate too. When Americans celebrate we get to experience the different cultures of Mexico and- “OH SHUT UP AND PASS THE SALSA!” Today I also figured out how to make Demotivational posters. So without further ado, I bring to you my first ever homemade demotivational poster  *Insertdrumrollhere*

TADA!!! Pretty cool right. Anyway back to Saturday Night Live, tonight Eli Manning is hosting. The musical guest is Rihanna.

That’s a hilarious Saturday Night Live Skit for you to enjoy.

Make sure you always read the warnings first…

This proves my point: they need to make a specially marked box of Lucky Charms with just marshmallows.

Poor guy! And he was in the lead at The Westminster Dog Show 😦

And may the odds be in your favor.


That’s all I got this Saturday. In conclusion, happy Cinco De New SNL Just Found Out How To Make Demotivational Posters Mayo!




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