The Avengers Official Poster




Uh-oh. I have some bad news. I’ve came down with a bad case of the Friday Night Fever. LOL! Well, today the new movie Marvel’s The Avengers came out. I’m actually going to see that in exactly 2 hours! YES I DID GLANCE UP AT THE CLOCK! So I’ll get a movie review up tomorrow for that. Or possibly tonight. Anyway, the crowds were lined up for this big midnight release. I don’t know when or why this whole midnight release thing started, but people really got excited. I mean a lady there had PINK HAIR!!! On the down side, that’s really frightening, on the up side, it does scream comic book. So, in honor of this huge commotion, this installment of Friday Night Fever is in tribute to Marvel’s Avengers.

Just your typical ride on a subway.

This comic was discontinued after it was sponsored by Sugardale……

You might have to zoom in on this one so afterwards this caption will make sense:

Wolverine: Why he’s never gotten hired for a job at a bakery.

Spidercat, Spidercat, does whatever a Cat can,

Drinks milk bowls so sweet and sound,

Catches thieves like a mouse,


Here comes the spider cat.

Is he strong?

Listen bud,

He’s got calico blood,

Does he play with thread?

Look up overhead,


They live in the Meowvel universe. HAHA! I crack myself up.


“And so once again has saved the world from boredom.”





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