MONDAY MADNESS: Kitten Edition

My new kitten Grady

IT’S MONDAY! Today I got a new kitten named Grady! HE’S SO CUTE! Which means this installment of Monday Madness has been officially CATIFIED!! That’s right. Every single bit of this will be smothered with cute felines, meows, and as always laughs. So may this feline frenzy begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon be honest, we’ve all done this!

I believe you buddy!


Maybe not as bad as breading, but still…..

Oh and in case you’re not aware of what breading is….

Yea.. It’s pretty much like making a sandwich out of a cat but of course not eating, that’s 2 mistakes alone

1. You’re putting bread on a cat.

2. There’s an uneaten sandwich lying around.

So that explains why it said MEOW MEOW when I was looking for stuff for my report on Madagascar.

And this photo brings us back to this:

This………………………AMEOWICAN IDOL!


“Hello I’m Ryan Scratchpost, welcome to Ameowican Idol, here are our lovely judges, Randy Catson (applause), Jennifur Lopaws (applause), and Steven Felineler(applause), now we’re here with our final nine……..lives and there gonna be showing us what they got tonight!” ( The first cat performs Pokerwhiskers by Lady Claw Claw) Randy: It was alright cat (he’s unallowed to say dog of course!) Jennifur: I think you have true pawtential. Steven: Beautiful. Ryan: If you wanna vote for this competitor, call 1-800-9 LIVES or text “VOTE”  to 12345. We’ll be right back with more acts and a performance by Kitty Purry. (AMEOWICAN IDOL IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY DR PEPPURRRRRRRRRRR) Ryan: We’re back with our next competitor. (The competitor sings You Belong With Me-Ow by Taylor Scratch) Randy: Good song cat, but I just don’t think it’s for you. Jennifur: Just wasn’t feeling it. Steven: Beautiful. Ryan: If you wanna vote for BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH………… Alright now a performance by Kitty Purry!! Kitty: Calico Girls, we unreliable, don’t like dogs cuz cats are on top……………Ryan: Thank you Kitty, alright now we’ll be back with more competitors after the break.

Okay, so I’m done with that now!

Well, that wraps things up here.  I guess all that’s left now to say is…GOODBYE!



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