Things NOT To Do: In A Hotel

1. When you go to the candy counter ask for everything.

2. Dress up as Santa and hand out gifts like yarn, tape etc. (“Yea, now that lump of coal is sounding good.”)

3. Take a nap of the front desk. (People won’t wanna check in or check out!)

4. Ask housecleaning for their autograph.

5. Call the front desk and to say Good Night.

6. Scream “OPEN SESAME” before sticking your room key. (Some things are only funny once)

7. In the  lobby, be in your swimsuit, lay on your stomach, and pretend to swim. (What a great way to greet visitors!!)

8.  Act out a scene from Twilight in the lobby. (“Hmm Harold, I didn’t think that’s what it meant when it said fun entertainment options.”)

9. When you go out of the elevator say “Teleportation is possible!” (Beam Me Aboard.)

10. Throw water balloons at people from the balcony.

11. Push every single button on the elevator.

Don’t do these: Enjoy your stay. Do these: Don’t be surprised if check out is being kicked out.



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