By now you’ve probably heard that Pizza Hut is offering hot dog stuffed crust for their pizza. Now personally, I think it sounds strange, but so strange I wanna try it.

However, by now you’ve also probably heard it’s only available in The United Kingdom. When I heard that I was upset. Americans are the pioneers of stuffed crusts! WHY DOES ENGLAND GET ALL THE GLORY?! Then again this could be their revenge on us for putting their Harry Potter in our theme parks.

But I mean don’t you think we should at least get a chance to try it too! Americans can never beside between a hot dog and pizza and now’s our chance, but I don’t really wanna fly all the way to Europe to solve my problems. Sooooooooooooo…………………

In conclusion, I think Americans need this great (and possibly disgusting, BUT WE WOULDN’T KNOW WOULD WE) experience.


Sorry for this post, but sometimes I need to vent.



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