Things NOT To Do: At The Movie Theater

Movie theaters are for one thing: texting. I’m kidding but I’m serious. As we know though, there are certain things to do in a movie theater. These aren’t those things:

  1. During previews, shout out “COULD YOU PLEASE FAST FORWARD IT?!”
  2. Whenever there is a gunshot in the movie, yell “EVERYBODY GET DOWN!” and get down on the floor.
  3. Ask the usher “Come here often?”
  4. Give a standing ovation when the previews end.
  5. Cheer when there’s a sad part, and cry when there’s a happy part.
  6. Clap when a good guy gets hurt.
  7. Ask the people who walk in late for their autograph.

Don’t do those things and I’d say you’d have a good movie going experience unless you’re watching a lame movie. However if you do, then that’s the end of your film!



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